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Will Sabrina Carpenter’s Next Era Solidify Her Pop Princess Status?

Sabrina Carpenter has captured the attention of pop fans everywhere, earning her the title of music’s current “pop princess”; will she keep it?

Sabrina Carpenter poses for her new single "Espresso".
Credit: YouTube/Sabrina Carpenter

From Disney Channel to now, Sabrina Carpenter’s rise to fame has been one that long-time fans have loved watching unfold. The masses are finally recognizing her talent, but it’s her unhinged personality that has captured their attention. From her raunchy outros to her iconic looks, fans are giving her the crown of “pop princess.”

The general public isn’t quite in agreement with this bold statement yet. Despite her recent hit singles, ‘Feather’ and ‘Nonsense,’ Carpenter’s music remains unknown by many. As she continues to make headlines on a weekly basis and is consistently going viral on all social media platforms (we know you have seen Barry Kheogan thirsting over her and her stunning SKIMS photoshoot EVERYWHERE), this is the perfect time for her to solidify her pop princess status.

The singer has spent the last week kicking off her next era of music with a new single, ‘Espresso‘ and an unforgettable Coachella debut performance. As she ushers in this next era, all eyes are on her to see what she will do next. These are all of the things she will need to keep up to make this her most successful era yet and become THE pop princess.

Serving Iconic Looks

“Sabrina Carpenter hair tutorial”, “Sabrina Carpenter makeup tutorial”, and “Sabrina Carpenter tour looks” are just a few of the trending topics involving the star. Every time she makes a public appearance, TikTok tutorials are posted everywhere on how to achieve her look. Her perfect glowy makeup routine combined with her voluminous hair that seems to always fall perfectly (I seriously need to know how she styles her bangs so perfectly), makes her look like an actual doll.

As if having perfect hair and makeup at all times isn’t enough, she is also always wearing the most stunning outfits that showcase her style perfectly. Basically, she is never beating the IRL Barbie allegations. Ultra mini-skirts, platforms, lingerie, hearts, matching sets, hilarious baby tees, and sparkles are all staples in the singer’s wardrobe. Each time she steps out, everyone is excited to see what she will be wearing.

On-Brand Collabs and Projects

Sabrina Carpenter is a style icon and has a well-known talent for incorporating lingerie into her looks. This makes her recent campaign with SKIMS make perfect sense. The campaign went viral for how stunning Carpenter looked, but also the fact that it matched her brand so perfectly. It was a match made in Collab Heaven.

Celebrities are often criticized for doing projects and collaborations that make no sense and appear as cash grabs. Sabrina Carpenter is never caught doing this. All of her projects and collaborations in recent years make perfect sense for who she is.

Her merch is always praised and things she would wear herself (and she has). Her perfume, Sweet Tooth, comes from a personal story and connection to the smell. Even her collab with Samsung to promote their Galaxy Z Flip 3 is on brand as she embraces the early 2000s vibe.

We love to see artists put their time and effort into things they believe in and love themselves!

Captivating Stage Presence

One thing about Sabrina Carpenter? When she steps out on a stage, she is going to PERFORM. Her upbeat pop songs give her the perfect opportunity to dance and she always takes full advantage of that. With the sweetest choreographed dance routines, often accompanied by backup dancers, she truly knows how to entertain. Even when a song has no set choreography, you will be hard-pressed to find a moment when Carpenter is not moving along to the music in some way.

When she is taking a break from her upbeat songs and singing her emotional ballads, she continues to impress with amazing vocals. Carpenter proved this during her time opening for Taylor Swift at The Eras Tour. She covered songs like ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You,’ ‘Dancing Queen,’ and even ‘White Horse’ alongside Swift herself. Between songs she often throws some hilarious fan interactions in as well, making everyone feel like they are a part of the show. The love she has for being on stage is undeniable.


My spotify wrapped will be pleased, managed my top 2 most played artists in one show 🥹 @Sabrina Carpenter #sabrinacarpenter #erastourmelbourne #hopelesslydevotedtoyou

♬ original sound – Georgie 🌻

Unhinged Behavior and IDGAF Attitude

We can’t talk about how much of an icon Sabrina Carpenter is without mentioning her bold personality. She is unhinged and vulgar and completely unapologetic about it. In a time where most artists are extremely careful about what they say or do in fear of being canceled, Carpenter is unafraid. As she sings in her new single, ‘[Her] ‘give a fucks’ are on vacation.’

An instance of this is her witty (and often raunchy) ‘Nonsense’ outros. Each performance of ‘Nonsense’ is followed by an extended outro with lyrics specific to the place she is performing that night. This tradition has become a fan favorite after going viral on TikTok and shocking non-fans who did not know of her before seeing her perform as an opener.

One more example of her putting her IDGAF attitude on full display? At the end of 2023, Carpenter was met with one of her first huge scandals. Her music video for ‘Feather’ has various scenes of boys quite literally dying over her. Along with these scenes are different ones of her dancing around a church. The priest of this church granted her permission to film the video, but he was relieved of his duties after the Diocese of Brooklyn was appalled by it.

The pop star’s response to the backlash? ‘Jesus was a Carpenter.’

Sabrina Carpenter flashes a middle finger to the camera as she performs for the first time at Coachella.
Sabrina Carpenter performs “Vicious” during her Coachella debut. Credit:YouTube/Coachella.

Her Sound

Sabrina Carpenter doesn’t just have the look, brand, stage presence, and attitude of a pop icon, she also has the sound of one. Carpenter’s most recent album, Emails I Can’t Send, fully embraces the sound of pop music. Her lyrics are often fun and playful, daring you to try and resist the urge to dance and sing along. The sound of her pop hits is original and fresh, yet they all have a familiar and nostalgic feeling.

Carpenter’s sound is often compared to one of the biggest names in pop music, Ariana Grande. There has been something addicting about her recent singles. Fans can’t wait to see how her new era of music compares.

The Next Era

Almost two years since the release of her last album, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of a new album. Carpenter kicked off this long-awaited era with the release of a new single, ‘Espresso.’ The song was released last Thursday, the night before she made her Coachella debut on Friday. Fans were immediately obsessed. Staying true to her pop sound and cheeky lyrics, ‘Espresso’ is a perfect example of what Carpenter does best.

The song has been met with endless praise and is already being predicted to be the song of the summer. Followed by an iconic Coachella performance, the pop star is already having a wildly successful start to this new era. If this single is a preview of her next album, she will have the title of THE pop princess in no time.

Miss Carpenter, we are all dying to see what you have in store.

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