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Jaden Smith Plans to Open Restaurant Supporting The Homeless After His Food Truck Success

This ‘Icon living’ is making the world a better place!

Credit: Instagram

Jaden Smith, known for his incredible music, acting, and his family – Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are his parents – is giving back by starting a restaurant that pays it forward. Jaden first created the I Love You food truck in 2019 that served the homeless in Harlem, New York City, and the Skid Row area in Los Angeles. The truck gave out free vegan food and was a hit! Its success inspired Jaden to create even more good – a restaurant. 

The I Love You restaurant will welcome those with and without payment. This concept acts as a pay-it-forward initiative, designed to give everyone a healthy, filling meal. Jaden explained the concept to Variety:

If you’re not homeless, not only do you have to pay, but you have to pay for more than the food’s worth so that you can pay for the person behind you.

Jaden also started Just Water, fully recyclable water containers whose profits he said will go towards filtration systems in Flint, Michigan! He really is making a change in the world – check out his music video for his song, Icon, which was also used in Will Smith’s movie trailer for Gemini Man

Wow, he is doing it all! Back in 2019, Jada and Will spoke on Red Table Talk about Jaden’s health, with Jada saying:

Will and I had a bit of an intervention with Jaden because he’s a vegan now, but we realized he wasn’t getting enough protein.

So he was just wasting away. He just looked drained, he was just depleted, he wasn’t getting the nutrients. 

Will also spoke on the topic: 

There was even a little greyness to his skin. We got really nervous. But you’re definitely looking better now.

Jaden says that he is now currently vegetarian, rather than vegan. It is amazing to see the positivity he is bringing to the world! If you found this article interesting, check out this one on Outkast revealing their dark meaning behind their song ‘Hey Ya!’. 

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