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Ellen DeGeneres Ridiculed After Making Insensitive Comments About Social Distancing

Ellen DeGeneres continues to diminish the public’s opinion of her.

It is no secret that staying at home, and practising social distancing, to flatten the curve and decrease the spread of the coronavirus is making everyone a little bit stir-crazy. However, most of us realize that this is a necessary sacrifice we have to make to control the spread of the disease and to lower the rate of infection and death.

However, we have seen plenty of celebrities making insensitive videos online or complain about being stuck at home recently, causing their public image to be tarnished due to their lack of social conscientiousness. Vanessa Hudgens came under fire for the tactless comments she made about death and Coachella on an Instagram live video a few days ago and since then even more celebrities have exposed themselves for being out of touch, with Ellen DeGeneres being the latest perpetrator.

Just a few weeks ago, it was revealed that the daytime talk show host was quite different from the persona she portrayed online, the one that always preached of tolerance and kindness. She is quite famous for the soundbite that comes at the end of her every show, “Be kind to one another,” but a long twitter thread from both fans and celebrities revealed that she was far from nice and was actually one of the meanest people in Hollywood.

But the daytime television host, who is currently filming her show from the safety of the giant mansion she shares with her partner Portia De Rossi, is catching flack this time for comparing her confinement at home to being imprisoned in jail during her opening monologue.

Video Courtesy of The Ellen Show on Youtube

Within hours of the video’s posting, bored keyboard warriors were quickly typing up their disgust and hatred for the blonde on Twitter.

The only person that is probably making more unrelatable content for their talk show right now, besides Ellen, is probably the late night show host Lilly Singh, whose show was pre-filmed months in advance, and has been airing episodes about Spring Break that sound extremely out of touch considering the current environment. 

Courtesy of A Little Late with Lilly Singh on Youtube

Giving how volatile everything has been recently, with the air of uncertainty and unrest, celebrities should try their best to be relatable and understanding of their audience’s demographic unless they want to catch heat, which will come stronger than ever now that so many people have newfound time on their hands.

Featured Image Courtesy of The Ellen Show on Youtube

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