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DeuxMoi: The Instagram Account For Those With An Insatiable Appetite For Celebrity Gossip


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Over the years it’s safe to say that we have all picked up a celebrity gossip magazine or glanced at a shocking headline on one of its covers. But, move over OK! magazine, and behold the new home for celebrity gossip: an Instagram account named DeuxMoi.

With 1.5 million followers, it seems that DeuxMoi is a prime example of society’s insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip and how it continues to grow. But, why is society still so interested in celebrities’ lives, and why have so many chosen an anonymous Instagram account to satisfy their need for gossip?

An Element Of Mystery

One thing that separates DeuxMoi from typical celebrity gossip magazines is the element of mystery that is central to the account and its appeal. The identity of who runs the account is unknown and will likely stay anonymous. However, there have been many rumours that the account may actually be run by a celebrity or multiple celebrities. This seems plausible when considering all the inside ‘scoop’ the account is able to obtain. The identity of those that send the blind items containing celebrity gossip is also kept anonymous unless the person is happy to be identified. The gossip contained within the blind item may also have to be deciphered, with the submission often not directly naming the celebrity in question. When combined, this makes the reader feel like they’re on one big scandal scavenger hunt. What’s the prize? Working out who the celebrity gossip is about and gaining ‘inside’ knowledge about them. So, it comes as no surprise that society’s insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip cannot be stopped when accounts like this exist.

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True Or False? It’s Up To You

Another way DeuxMoi helps to feed society’s insatiable appetite for gossip is by letting the reader decide whether the blind item containing the celebrity gossip is believable or not. The account comes with a warning that none of the blind items are fact-checked and that no statements are confirmed. This leaves the reader to decide whether the gossip being discussed is in fact plausible. However, deciding which blind items are true and which are false may be easier for avid readers of celebrity gossip. If the submission sounds like it’s been written by an angry fan trying to blacken a celebrity’s name, it’s probably exactly that. However, if a submission has a solid claim or statement and sounds like it could be somewhat believable, it may well be. This element may appeal to many or it may also detract from the account. Although, it’s a great way of sparking the reader’s curiosity and making those with an appetite for celebrity gossip come back for more.

A recent tweet by DeuxMoi that shows a blind item submission

An Escape From ‘Real’ World Problems

The rise to fame of DeuxMoi showcases society’s insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip and continued interest in their lives. Perhaps, part of the reason for this is that taking the time to read celebrity gossip provides a break from the ‘real’ world problems that normal people have to face. As ironic as it may seem, reading about a celebrity’s farfetched love triangle can actually help us forget our own troubles. And celebrity gossip also acts as a welcome reminder that no matter how rich or powerful you are, even celebrities face their own problems. And so, in an increasingly challenging world, it seems the public’s appetite for celebrity gossip will only grow more in order to try and forget their own problems.

So, it seems that DeuxMoi provides a much more interesting way of satisfying society’s insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip than that of a typical magazine. Whether it be the account’s ability to distract us from ‘real’ world problems or its element of mystery, has this convinced you to follow the evergrowing Instagram account?

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