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Dave Bautista Major Body Transformation For New Movie Role

Dave Bautista posts his new ‘fatty status’ upon gaining weight for a new film.

Credit: Instagram/Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista has apparently gained quite a bit of weight for a new movie role.

Bautista took to social media to share his new transition to fatty status with a breakout photo to show off his new physique.

Having used his impressive frame to secure his place in Hollywood as Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel films, the former WWE wrestler has always been in great shape.

Although Dave Bautista has always been known for his large frame, he still gained quite the weight for his new movie role. Bautista shared a selfie stating that the weight gain would ’soon come to an end.’

The wrestler-turned-actor’s new photo was taken back in April during filming for Knock at the Cabin, according to Men’s Health.

He also took the time to mention that he should have cleaned the glass when posting about his new ”fatty status,” (his words of course).

Here’s what Dave Bautista had to say under his post:

‘So I was trying to take a solid pic of myself to document my transition to fatty status. Which will soon come to an end thank god! Upon inspection of this pic I noticed a few issues.

’1: Let’s start with the obvious. You can see my balls. 

’2: Apparently I brush my teeth in a way that toothpaste flys all over the bathroom. I’ll have to work on that.

’3: I have officially turned into the grouchy emoji…

’Anyway I hope everyone out there isn’t taking themselves too seriously. Life’s too short. Happy Sunday!!’


Bautista used to take in a lot of calories and protein back he was bodybuilding, but since then cut out all meat in his new lifestyle choice. It seems to be working out for him just fine.

While he does still eat fish sometimes in his plant-based diet, he does plan to go completely vegan in the future.

He was asked which meal he misses most due to his new diet, to which he responded to Men’s Health: ’The only thing that’s killing me is because I grew up on chicken adobo, which is a very common standard Filipino dish.

‘And it’s one of the few dishes that I make constantly. I make it for myself, I make it for my friends. And now I still make it for my friends, but I have to just sit there and watch them eat it, and it’s torture.’

Dave Bautista also shared that it is written in his contract that he is to eat no less than every four hours, only while filming of course.

‘In between those meals if I get hungry, I typically do an almond butter and banana, or a vegan, gluten-free grilled cheese is my favorite go-to.’

He also added that he does in fact work out every day, sometimes even twice.

‘This is my sanctuary. I come here for peace of mind. It’s therapeutic for me.’

Check out the new trailer for Avatar.

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