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After 36 Years, Man Finally Learns That William Shatner is Not His Father

Peter Shatner had previously sued William Shatner for denying paternity.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

62-year-old Peter Shatner previously claimed that Canadian Star-Trek actor, William Shatner was his father. However, a DNA test has proven that the two men are not related.

Peter Shatner comes from Tampa Bay in Florida and was adopted and had no idea who his biological parents were until he decided to search for them 40 years ago. Peter discovered that his mother was the late Canadian actress Kathy Burt, and the two of them got to know each other well before her death.

Credit: Flickr

The issue of who Peter’s father only came up when he was watching an episode of Star-Trek with his mother. Upon noticing the similarity between himself and the Canadian actor, Peter exclaimed “Dad!” and his mother confirmed his suspicions.

Peter’s mother told him that there were two men who could possibly be his biological father. One was William Shatner and the other was a man whom his mother only knew as “Chick”. However, William Shatner has since said that he never knew Kathy Burt and so could not be Peter’s father.

William Shatner denied the claims that he was Peter’s father for years but Peter even went as far as to sue the actor for $170 million in 2016 for denying paternity. However, the case was dismissed two years later. It is now unclear whether or not Peter Shatner will change his name back to Peter Sloan, which was the name he used before he believed Shatner to be his father.

Peter has now learned who his biological father was after consulting a hereditary specialist and several websites, which allowed him to connect with a woman who turned out to be his half sister. Sadly, his biological father had already past away but Peter has learned that just like him, his father was a life insurance salesman.

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