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Photos of Classic Products with a Fresh Twist

Photographer and graphic designer, Sarah Diaz, describes her juicy product photography.

Image: Sarah Diaz/

Delicious, vivid colors and symmetry characterize Sarah Diaz’s photography, causing a mouth-watering aesthetic that leaves viewers thirsty for more. Her work invites her audience into a world of joy and warmth, hopefully resulting in their purchase of a product. That is the point of advertising, right?

Diaz has enjoyed photography almost her entire life. When she was young, Diaz had opportunities to travel often with her family, and she always had a camera by her side. She has also lived in several countries, including Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Costa Rica. Diaz states, “My core reason for photography is because I get to capture a memory – to save or conserve a specific moment.”

Credit: Sarah Diaz/

Among other subjects, Diaz loves to photograph different products for advertising purposes. She explains:

“At first, I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to take my photography. I’ve tried a little bit of everything: fashion, fine art, and portraiture. But right now, I’m super interested in product photography. I’m into the world of advertising and commercial photography and how they create something that attracts the consumer. I want to create content and images that capture people’s eye and convince them to buy the product.”

“I want my product photography to have a style that’s funky by creating patterns, repetition, and interesting color combinations with the product.”

Sarah Diaz
Credit: Sarah Diaz/

When asked about her inspiration, Diaz described her love of colors and advertising:

“The commercial world is constantly changing when it comes to selling brands and products. I enjoy watching commercials and seeing how certain brands are selling their products. Vibrant colors and patterns always inspire me. I also ask myself, what would I need to do to convince myself to buy that product? What would I like the image to look like? How does the product relate to me?”

Credit: Sarah Diaz/

Diaz elaborates on her favorite photoshoot, which remarkably involves calculators. She says:

“I put four Casio calculators in a diamond-like position at an isometric angle and created a tight crop to create the illusion of the calculators infinitely repeating. The point of this image is to convince the target audience, high schoolers, that calculators are cool!”

Credit: Sarah Diaz/

She continues:

“I decided to combine the purpose of selling a calculator with something trending with the target audience’s age, and one of those things would be Y2K fashion. So, if Y2K fashion can come back in style, why can’t calculators? The goal here was to make something ‘boring’ interesting and attractive enough for the target audience to buy through the use of color and props. I was inspired by Juicy Couture as seen by the rhinestones!”

Credit: Sarah Diaz/

Diaz explains that she desires to make an impact on other photographers by inspiring them to “step out of their comfort zones.” She hopes they dare defy tradition and use new techniques in product advertising. Diaz also wants her work to positively impact viewers so that they enjoy her images and ultimately find their needed products. 

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M.A. Beckley is a reader, writer, and traveler - an expat with a lot of opinions. She is interested in anything relating to culture such as music, art, and history. She has taught English for nine years and holds an MA in British Literature and Professional Writing.

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