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Would You Wear This Genderless Dress By Japanese Company Studio Nakamoto?

Androgynous fashion is on the rise. From anime inspired dresses to baggy graphic tees, here’s how to dress genderless.

Credit: @ nakamoto 中本 / YouTube

Japanese streetwear company, Studio Nakamoto, has released the ’Genderless Dress’: a piece which Nakamoto describes as ‘neither masculine nor feminine, just a garment’.  An androgynous silhouette, this dress provides endless styling options for all genders. Though first released in 2021, a year later, it’s still gaining traction.

The garment is officially titled the Studio Pocket Dress (yes, pockets, when you thought it couldn’t get any better). Loose-fitted cotton, which hangs in a wide a-line shape, helps this piece achieve its androgynous appearance. The dress is not only ‘genderless’, it’s also ethically conscious. The cotton used to produce it is sourced from an organic, chemical-free farm where the workers receive fair pay. What’s even more extraordinary is that one man runs the whole studio: Nakamoto Kazuki.

Studio Nakamoto tackles the lack of accessibility to high-quality Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese in other countries. The garments often take inspiration from the Japanese film company, Studio Ghibli. These animations feature oversized silhouettes and pinafore dresses worn by male and female characters. Even if you haven’t bought the Studio Pocket Dress (yet), this androgynous style opens up a whole new realm of fashion. 

Credit: @studionakamoto / TikTok

How to Dress Genderless

As soon as I discovered Studio Nakamoto’s dress, I immediately took to the group chat. This sparked a conversation about genderless fashion. We all began sharing our favorite ways to put together an androgynous outfit. Everyone agreed that the rising popularity of loose-fitted clothing was a trend they loved. Finally, some comfortable trousers don’t accentuate your body shape! Another wardrobe staple is graphic tees, as the funky patterns and designs can help blend in any curves underneath. So, if you’re keen to emulate Studio Nakamoto’s androgynous look, here are a few outfit ideas you could try.

The Bigger the Better

Size up! Think oversized t-shirts, loose-fitted dresses, and wide-legged trousers. These can all help to create an androgynous figure. Regardless of how you identify, don’t be afraid to experiment. How about pairing a maxi skirt with a baggy tee or a vest top with some khaki shorts.

Onions have layers… and so do your outfits

Layering isn’t just for winter; it’s a helpful tool for combining ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ pieces. The first approach to this is wearing loosely fitted pieces over tighter garments. However, you can also use layering to contrast different aesthetics. One way to achieve this look is styling a formal, typically “masculine” waistcoat over a dress.


These helped me, hopefully they can help some of you too! 🐙 #genderless #ghibli #japanese

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Credit: @studionakamoto / TikTok

Florals, for spring, groundbreaking

A neutral palette will look timeless on anyone. However, if you’re more experimental with your fashion, there’s the option to color block or opt for a monochromatic look. Alternatively, a single pop of a pattern helps to balance an outfit. Or, you can use it to accentuate or hide features of your choice when aiming for androgyny. There are so many choices here! Just remember the impact of pastels and soft patterns versus bold colors and harsh edges.

The cherry on top of our genderless cake

The magic of make-up can take your outfit to another level. To highlight different facial features, you could master the art of contouring. Your eyebrows are crucial to your overall appearance; try changing their shape or thickness. Or, turn your face into a work of art with bold eyeshadow and geometric eyeliner.

Fashion is highly personal, and these are just four very general pointers to help you on your way to achieving androgyny. No item of clothing is inherently gendered. However, society has somehow found a way to categorize fashion into ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine.’ Change is coming, though. More people are choosing to dress androgynously. Along with this, new opportunities have arisen for self-expression and fashion experimentation, especially in the media. The most important thing to remember is to wear what you feel confident in… Oh, and to buy Studio Nakamoto’s Studio Pocket Dress

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Hi, my name is Mads Brown (they/them). I'm a third-year English Literature student at University College London. I write for the Culture board at Trill Mag, and my favourite topics to cover are literature and the arts. Alongside writing, I really enjoy theatre, playing guitar, and walks in nature.

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