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New Trailer: The Legendary Sneaker Unbanned

How the Air Jordan 1 changed the world

Credit: Hulu

Los York Entertainment has announced a new documentary film: Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1.

It follows the story of the legendary sneaker that was first banned by the NBA in 1984 – then went on to change basketball, start sneaker culture and influence a social revolution.

“The AJ1 is more than a shoe. It’s a symbol of a much greater meaning across genders, race, geography and time,” says writer-director Dexton Deboree.

“Now more than ever, what this shoe represents, its impact on society and its role in really creating, defining and redefining a lot of our modern culture makes it a story that has to be told.”

Featuring appearances from Spike Lee, Michael B. Jordan, DJ Khaled, Lena Waithe, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Chuck D, David Stern, Tinker Hatfield and more. These cultural icons give first-hand accounts of how the shoe impacted their lives and their world.

As a kid who played basketball growing up, I always wanted a pair of Jordans,” writes Ben Pearson for Slash Film, “- but I couldn’t afford them. Even when I was in junior high, I knew that wearing Air Jordans was a huge deal: Jordans were a status symbol, an item of clothing that announced to the world that you were part of the club.

“But back then, I didn’t comprehend the seismic cultural revolution that these sneakers were ushering in. I had no idea that it was controversial for Nike to make a black basketball player the face of their company.”

Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 will be available digitally and in limited theatres on 13th July 2018.

Can’t get enough of the sneaker? Watch this man bring trashed Jordan 12s back from the dead.

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