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Christmas Presents for Fashion Lovers

Christmas is rapidly approaching as the festivities are dawning on us. Here are Christmas present ideas for the fashionista in your life.

Credit: Shutterstock/Pixel-Shot
Credit: Shutterstock/Pixel-Shot

Coming up with the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones can either be a simple shopping trip; or it can be daunting to find something they will enjoy. Here is a list of present ideas for the perfect surprise for your friends and family this year.

Wrap Up Wears – Christmas Present

The cold season is here, and bundling up can be both comfortable and stylish. A simple gift for anyone is the classic cardigan. One can either dress up or dress down a cardigan, depending on the style. It can be worn as outerwear or as a top, which makes it a perfect top during the winter months.

Similar to a cardigan, a sweater will keep your loved ones warm and can often be styled effortlessly. Sweaters come in different styles, and for Christmas, one may want to surprise their loved ones with a comical ugly Christmas sweater. Although, a simple, plain, monochromatic sweater is one that can be worn on a regular basis.

Outerwear is the ultimate item during the winter, and it can range from a variety of different styles. A long wool coat is the perfect outerwear for more dressed-up outfits that provides insulation against the cold. For an everyday piece, puffer jacket pairs with a plethora of outfits while also protecting the body. Although, a puffer jacket may not provide as much protection as a thicker coat may be.

The Gifts

Other than coats, it’s important to protect and cover your head as it helps preserve your body temperature. A simple beanie can make a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer that will help your loved ones stay safe during the winter. In addition, a pair of earmuffs can also prevent one’s ears from freezing. Although, earmuffs, while sometimes stylish, do not provide as much protection and insulation as a hat does.

Other winter accessories can include a scarf and gloves. Depending on the style, a simple scarf will keep your loved ones warm while also adding a little more flare to their outfits. Similarly, gloves also come in various styles that mainly depend on the material of the gloves. For a fashion lover, the best pairs could be leather or pleather gloves.

Footwear Presents

Shoes are the perfect gift to slip into your shopping cart to protect one’s feet from dirt, debris, and snow. Shoes for this winter should be thick and prevent snow from soaking one’s socks and prevent frostbite from developing when one is out and about. Other than shoes for the winter, another present option is shoes for one’s collection that can be worn for nights out or even a pair of comfortable errand shoes.

One of the most popular shoes currently are UGG’s newest slippers. UGG’s have recently made a comeback, and they are now on almost everyone’s Christmas list. Some of the more popular UGGs right now include the UGG Tasman slippers. These shoes are perfect for a quick slip-on Christmas present. Similar to the Tasman slippers, UGG’s Disquette slippers are gaining popularity as well.

A nice surprise for this Christmas can also come from a sleek pair of heels for any formal event or night out. Fashion trends are constantly changing, but one of the most consistent fashion items is the heel. This winter heels will make the perfect Christmas present to wear for holiday parties and events in upcoming year.

Lastly, footwear for this winter that will protect one’s feet from frostbite are a simple pair of boots. Boots can be an everyday shoe that provides more protection than a pair of tennis shoes and, depending on the style, can elevate one’s outfit.

Bags – Christmas Presents

During the holidays, traveling is more common than most months out of the year and having the perfect bags will help one through the stress of traveling. The Beis Weekender Bag is convenient for space as there is a lower compartment for a pair of shoes or other travel essentials. The upper part of the bag functions as a normal bag where one can put other travels items. The bag also has a zipper pocket that becomes a trolley sleeve to fit over a suitcase handle.

One of the most popular bags this year is the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag. Marc Jacobs Tote Bag also comes in various colors and sizes to choose from. The tote bag provides the perfect amount of space for an everyday bag. Tis bag may be a more expensive option, but it would make a perfect Christmas present to splurge on.

The Gifts

Another popular bag style is the baguette bag, which is a Fendi design that has become a style that is taking over the fashion world. A baguette bag is the perfect Christmas gift as it is a small handbag that elevates any outfit.

Another type of every day bag is a crossbody bag. These bags can be convenient as they allow users to go hands free while still being able to carry their items with them. Of course, this is the main purpose of most bags, but crossbody’s also ensure a level of security as they hang across the body.

Lastly, the shoulder bag is a stylish and simple bag that can be worn or held in various ways. The most common way to use a shoulder bag is to hang it from your shoulder, but one can also hold the short strap in their hands.

Accessories – Christmas Presents

One can never go wrong with accessories when it comes to Christmas presents, especially because there is a wide range of different accessories. From stocking stuffers to more personal presents, accessories are small and simple presents for everyone.

Wearable technology is very common, and it can make a great Christmas present, especially for those who are always on the go. A smart watch has a plethora of useful features, which includes fitness tracking, messaging, calls, you can receive notifications, etc. A smart watch is most convenient during workouts, but it can also be useful for everyday use.

Custom jewelry is one of the most personal Christmas presents one can receive. Custom jewelry adds a more personal touch than regular jewelry, and it can convey one’s feelings for another. From engraved necklaces, rings, and bracelets to personalized charms, custom jewelry is uniquely crafted for the individual.

The Gifts

Another simple Christmas present are earrings, which come in various styles and materials. From pendant and drop earrings to hoops, earrings are an elegant choice to give for a present. A popular type of earrings are birthstone earrings as they reflect the individual and their life. Minimalist earrings are rising in popularity as they are elegant and dainty, but they also only draw a small amount of attention.

The last accessory that can be a possible Christmas present for your loved one is perfume. It may not be much of a present, but it is often one of the most appreciated gifts. With various scents and strengths, perfume can either hit or miss. A great way to make perfume more personal is to get it engraved. If you know the recipient’s favorite perfume, that will make the gift all the better.

As Christmas is getting closer, buying gifts should not be a stressful endeavor. Hopefully, this list relieves some of the stress from the holidays this year. Even though the holidays mean a lot of shopping, it is always important to be conscious of consumerism. To read about how the holiday season and consumerism, click here.

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