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Aliyahcore: Fashion Inspiration from the New It Girl

Mini-skirts, Moon Boots, and fur. “Aliyahcore has little to do [with] what you’re wearing, [it’s about] how you accessorize it.”

Aliyah dressed in differently styled Aliyahcore outfits.
Image: Aliyah's Interlude/YouTube

The first time I heard of “Aliyahcore,” I was scrolling through TikTok when Aliyah Bah popped up.

Wearing the infamous Big Red Boots from MSCHF, a blue jean mini skirt with double belts, white fur, fishnets on one leg and a red garter on the other, a baby tee, and red earmuffs, Aliyah confidently strutted down the hallway. I was instantly captivated by the self-proclaimed #aliyahcore. I wanted to know what differentiated it from other alternative styles and what goes into creating an Aliyahcore outfit.

Who is Aliyah Bah and what is “Aliyahcore”?

Describing herself as “the new it girl taking the internet by storm,” Aliyah Bah (@aliyahsinterlude1 on TikTok) is an influencer and model who first began gaining attention on social media in 2020. While Aliyah had online attention during this time, it wasn’t until her “Moon Boots on the Beach” outfit that the creator got her first taste of internet fame.

The “Moon Boots on the Beach” outfit incorporated a pair of pink moon boots, a pink bikini, a silver belt chain, and pink earmuffs, all worn out on a beach in Jamaica. While Aliyah received support from her fans, she also faced a lot of hate. People saw the outfit as silly and over the top. The Moon Boots were inappropriate for the beach. However, the “Moon Boots on the Beach” outfit was a prelude to Aliyahcore. It took some of the main accessories that would later characterize the style and introduced the campness that would define Aliyahcore.

Aliyahcore is a lifestyle, an attitude, it surpasses fashion.


Aliyahcore takes inspiration from various sources, including Harajuku fashion and y2k fashion. Aliyahcore resembles alternative styles like mall goth, bimbocore, and e-girl fashion. While these styles inspired and influenced Aliyahcore, Aliyahcore is still its own separate and unique style.

How is Aliyahcore different from other alternative styles?

One of the most seen critiques of Aliyahcore is that the style isn’t new and that Aliyah shouldn’t receive credit for being the creator of the style. People believe she shouldn’t be seen as the face of alt-fashion and should be given less credit. People are also pointing out how since Aliyah coined the term “Aliyahcore,” alt-dressing black creators are being grouped under the umbrella of “dressing in Aliyahcore” when they’ve been dressing in their own style for years. Aliyah addressed this, telling her fans not to call someone’s style “Aliyahcore” unless they specify that they’re dressing in the style.

What separates Aliyahcore from other alternative styles is that Aliyah took aspects from multiple styles and used this to create her own. She doesn’t claim to be a creator of the styles she took inspiration from. She made her own style which is the core value of Aliyahcore: taking what inspires you and what you have and making that your own.


Replying to @wonderlxss Tysm 4 all the support on aliyahcore , i truly appreciate u guys sm 🤭💕💖💗💞💓, here 2 more black girls in fashion 🥂 #fyp #aliyahcore

♬ original sound – aliyahsinterlude

Essentials for Dressing up

An outfit can be basic, but once you add accessories, it’s anything but the sort.


With Aliyahcore, there’s a lot of freedom in what you can wear, but there are a few staple items. Moon Boots, Hello Kitty, and earmuffs are the three core accessories. Also necessary are fishnet tights (on one leg and one arm), garters (“made with any piece of cut-up fabric, just tie it around your leg”), double belts, and fur. 


New video on how to style #aliyahcore on my youtube channel , link in bio cuties 🤭💕💖💓💗 #fyp #aliyahcore

♬ original sound – aliyahsinterlude

The most important aspect of dressing in Aliyahcore is making it unique and letting your stylistic touches shine. The style is open and inclusive. Aliyah listens to the comments from her fans, styling Aliyahcore for plus-size bodies, people who dress modestly, and men. Aliyah always responds, opening her community to anyone and encouraging individuality and creativity.

Aliyahcore encourages DIYing and up-cycling clothing, taking an article of clothing and looking at it in a new light. The style promotes experimentation and camp. When you create your Aliyahcore outfit, tag it with #aliyahcore so Aliyah can see it!

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Isó is a second-year student studying creative writing and screenwriting at The University of Iowa. They love dressing up to go nowhere, listening to ghost stories, and taking pictures of their cats.

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