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Barbie to Oppenheimer: 10 Costumes Ideas for Halloween 2023

Scroll to see the leading costumes of 2023 and what to expect on October 31st!

Friends pose for a photo at a Halloween party.
Credit: Shutterstock / Studio Romantic

With Halloween creeping up on us, people are adding the final touches to their costumes. Halloween is always the perfect time to slay the fashion game, capitalize on pop culture moments, and take some cute pictures.

From Barbie to Oppenheimer, this year holds quite the spectrum for potential best costume awards. Below are ten costumes you’ll most likely see at Halloween parties this year.

1) Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift

Starting strong with the most talked about couple closing 2023 is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Any couple would be crazy to pass up the chance to dress up as them. The options for this costume are endless because both are quite the fashionistas. Mama Kelce confessed on Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast New Heights that she was not disappointed she never had a daughter because Travis basically was her “daughter.”

“No no I was not, I was hoping for a girl but I got one… He’s a fashionista and a dancer.”

Donna Kelce

Travis is known for his sleek yet trendy game day outfits and end zone dances, while Taylor is known for having a cat eye sharp enough to cut a man. So with plenty of Eras Tour and game day outfits to work with, the question is, “Who’s going to be the 87 to your 89?”

2) Ballerina


this is what i went as last year it’s sooo cute i’m still obsessed but gonna start giving halloween costume inspo 🫶🏻🫶🏻 first off we have ballerina! #balletcore #halloweencostumeideas #halloweencostume #ballerina #ballerinacostume #fashiontiktok

♬ queen of disaster – chatypurry

Ballerina-core has made its rounds this year, making it both a perfect and timely costume. Ballet flats have soared in popularity and have been featured by many high-end brands like Miu Miu, Prada, and The Row. Ballet is the epitome of clean girl aesthetic and elegance, so this costume is perfect for anyone trying to step up their game.

Step out with your tutus, flats, and hair in a bun, and don’t forget the wise words of Abby Lee Miller. “1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, RELEVÉ.”

3) Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer is the perfect costume for anyone who decided to see this historical drama before Barbie! If you’re one of these few, whip out your suspenders, porkpie hat, and cigar. Then, you have to show up to parties with pictures of Cillian Murphy and nuclear codes in goodie bags! Who knew party favors could be so fun?

4) Justin & Hailey Bieber

The Hailey & Justin Bieber costume is perfect for any couple or bestie duo. Justin is the undisputed broody king of groutfits while Hailey dolls up to the nines. Nailing the Justin look is easy for any college student since his outfit is what most students wear to class. Hailey is for the extra one who most likely owns some Rhode beauty products.

If you dress up as Justin this time, don’t skate away with your Hailey left in the dust!

5) Jennifer’s Body

One of Megan Fox’s most iconic roles is in Jennifer’s Body. Not only does she serve face, but she’s also a radical feminist – how iconic! As time went on, this movie grew in popularity because it was so ahead of its time.

Beware if you stumble upon Jennifer this year; not only is she the Snowflake Queen, but her beauty makes you pay the ultimate price (if you’re a man).

6) Wednesday Addams


Last minute halloween costume ideas with things you prob have in your closet | part 2 #halloweencostume #lastminutehalloweencostumes #wednesdayaddams #halloween

♬ Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

Wednesday Addams is one of the most iconic Halloween characters of all time, making this an easy pick. Jenna Ortega left watchers in awe of her version of the character in the 2022 Netflix adaptation, so it makes sense why people want to recreate her magic. The TikTok shows the simplicity of the costume, but the only thing you’ll be missing, unfortunately is Thing.

7) Ted Lasso

Halloween Costumes I want to see this year…Ted Lasso ⚽️🏟️ 📍 All costumes are in my storefront under “Halloween Costumes 2023” #funnyhalloweencostume #halloweencostume #tedlasso #tedlassocostume #halloweencostumeideas #funnycostumes2023 #popculturecostume #greenscreen

♬ Original sound – Dadood

This costume is for the funny girl of the friend group who is ready to prove that Football is life! The beloved inspirational, and optimistic character is perfect to turn heads and immediately bring up your favorite moments from the show. For the cherry on top, nail your southern accent and make sure you show up to parties with Ted’s Season 1 energy–not Season 3!

8) Barbie & Ken


a lil throwback to our halloween costumes last year in honor of #barbie #barbiecostume #ken #kenergy #halloween 💗💞💓🌸💕💖

♬ Hi Barbie Hi Ken Barbie Movie Only In Theaters – Barbie Movie

This article would immediately discredit itself if Barbie and Ken were not mentioned at all. Next to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, this costume will be everywhere you look. After Greta Gerwig’s box-office smash hit Barbie, you’ll see practically every version of Barbie and Ken and then some.

If you dress up as Barbie, live it up, dance the night away, and have a great night. If you dress up as Ken… I hope, for your sake, that Barbie looks at you this Halloween.

9) Ariel


Replying to @sof Finding Hot Girl Halloween Costumes on Amazon so you don’t have to 👻🔗 in my bi0 🎃 What costume should I do next? #thelittlemermaidcosplay #arielcostume #costumeideas #cutecostumes #halloween2023

♬ original sound – All Hallows’ eve 🎃

This year Disney remade The Little Mermaid into a live-action movie with Halle Bailey starring as Ariel. She absolutely crushed the role and did the iconic character justice. Get your fins, red luscious locks, and purple top ready to jump and dance alongside people. If you see Ariel make sure to do the “Part of Your World” TikTok trend and fill her in on the memo that we don’t use forks as hairbrushes.

10) Mario

After The Super Mario Bros. Movie did exceedingly well in movie theaters and wowed audiences, Mario is both easy and timely for the low-effort costume wearers. As one of the top-selling costumes this year, you’ll see and possibly match with other people. Princess Peach will be so happy to know that she has many Mario’s on standby this year.

Also, make sure to blast Peaches by Jack Black for the best vibes at your party.

Honorable Mentions:

1) M3GAN


I win Halloween!! Shop the M3GAN costume with the link in bio! #halloween #megan #m3gan #m3ganmovie

♬ original sound – Unknown – Cheezy

As a new and unique gay icon, M3GAN took the world by storm. This horror movie was hailed as an “instant cult classic.” M3GAN the child-sized doll gets a mind of her own through mutated AI genes and goes on a rampage. Serving dance sequences right before her deadly strikes, she truly left the gay community in awe of her might and lack of mercy.

If you happen to stumble upon M3GAN this Halloween season, snap a selfie and be grateful that she didn’t come for your neck…this time.

2) Grimace

This year Grimace re-debuted at McDonald’s after he disappeared in 2012. He came back bearing gifts for his birthday, which were limited-edition purple milkshakes. Social media users had a frenzy, and the new Grimace milkshake trend ensued. Social media users “passed out” and “died” because of the shake; making his triumphant return a meme.

If you dressed up at Grimace this year, you deserve a gold star with a happy meal and a purple milkshake. Tread very lightly, though.

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