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The US Mexico Border Is Being Given A Magnificent Makeover

Check out the US Mexico border’s beautiful makeover!

Photo: Enrique Chiu

A two-mile-long mural is being painted on the wall to represent the unity between Mexico and America.

Enrique Chiu is the Mexican-born artist who put plans for the project into motion in early 2017 when he began a personal mission to beautify his home in Tijuana.

Describing the wall as ‘rusty and dirty’ Chiu wanted to make it look colorful and vibrant to show solidarity amongst the people.

And as 2017 progressed, the effects of Trump and his administration only motivated Chiu and a group of American and Mexican artists to succeed in their mission to paint ‘The Mural of Brotherhood’.

In December 2017, over 2600 volunteers began painting positive messages of peace and hope on the Mexican-facing side of the US-owned wall.

Not only do Chiu and his team hope to make the wall spectacular, but they also want to beat the current Guinness World Record for the world’s longest mural, which is the Pueblo Levee in Colorado existing at two miles long and 58 foot tall.

The mural on the US-Mexico border will reach beyond Tijuana, extending into Tecate, Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez, Naco, and Reynosa so with all luck Chiu and his team will beat the record, and at the same time create a magnificent piece of art representing hope and unity.

Find out what other arty wonders have been going on in Mexico, if you’re a fan of Tequila you will love this!

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