Science Proves You Can Lose Weight While Watching Netflix

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In what might be the best news ever for couch potatos, Netflix can apparently help you lose weight.

Turns out Netflix is better for more than just chilling. Yeah this sounds a little wild, but trust me. There’s been a study on this and everything.

You may think that sitting on your ass and endlessly binge watching TV shows wouldn’t be beneficial. And… you’d be right, it’s probably best not to do that all the time.

However, Yale University recently did a study on this. Now, the findings didn’t reveal that magical weight loss will occur while watching Stranger Things. But it did reveal that the thing that helps with weight loss are the advertisements. Or the lack thereof.

Watching Netflix

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Apparently, it’s because of junk food ads. A lot of advertisements feature food in some capacity, and children in particular are susceptible to eating 45% more food after watching them. Adults consume more too, though they tend to have a mix of healthy and unhealthy food.

So advertising really does work – kind of. It triggers a hunger response, but it doesn’t so much influence people to go out and buy the brand or anything. Just whatever is available in the house.

Therefore, Netflix is the better option so you can avoid being influenced the way you would be if watching television.

That all being said, there are more important things in this world than weight and weight loss. Check out this Instagram account that showcases accomplishments over thinness.

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