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Watch Nancy Cartwright Perform All Her Simpsons Characters in Under 40 Seconds!

Even after 30+ years, The Simpsons keeps surprising us.

Credit: Nancy Cartwright/YouTube

The Simpsons have been on for 33 seasons, with 34 set to start this fall, and even with that they are still relevant and surprising fans with clever storylines, scary accurate predictions about the future, and never-ending humor and digs at popular culture. Some say the show has become stale and not as good as it used to be, after 33 years it’s bound to level off some. Even taking that into consideration, the show still is and probably always will be one of the most popular, most watched shows in TV history.

Nancy Cartwright is one of the actors on the show and, much like the other actors, does multiple voices for multiple characters on the show. The most popular among the characters she voices is without a doubt to be Bart Simpson. Who doesn’t love that frustratingly funny kid who has one of the best evil-sounding laughs ever? And Maggie, who never has any lines, just baby noises, and Cartwright pulls that off flawlessly. Her range is incredible.

All The Voices In Under 40 Seconds

Credit: Nancy Cartwright/YouTube

Nancy Cartwright shares how she maintains all these voices and how these all started:

If we go back in time, wind the clock back… I think, what was I thinking at the time I was hired and the show got picked up for that first season?” she said in one video. And I gotta tell ya, nobody had any clue [laughs]. Not only that, 30-plus years later we’d still be on the air, but also… we were finding our own, learning how to record in a booth that wasn’t meant for recording in. I was way pregnant, we were sharing one microphone, it was taking two hours to record 30 seconds. But we just did it, because it was fun! And who knew? There wasn’t anything like it on television, there was no other primetime show that was animated. I didn’t have the perspective to think what could happen in the future… all I can say to that is thank you.”

Nancy Cartwright

How crazy is that? She seamlessly switches characters and ending it with Bart’s voice is perfect! Whenever The Simpsons comes to an end, Cartwright will no doubt be missed on TV every Sunday night but hopefully, she’ll stay in our lives for a long time!

The Simpsons have made scary accurate real-life predictions and who knows what they will predict next!

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