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Why is Andrew Tate Still Relevant?

Andrew Tate needs to be stopped.

Andrew Tate sitting on sofa
Credit: FullSendPodcast/Youtube

Some people think incels live in their basements and spread hate to and about women all over the internet from behind the safety of a screen, but these people walk amongst us; they have platforms and careers, and society gives them a place to speak.

By now, we all know exactly who chauvinist Andrew Tate is and what he stands for but how did he even gain fame? (and arguably, more importantly, is he trying to look like a BTEC version of Pitbull?)

(Take a look at that caption – yikes!)

He began his career when he was a contestant on Big Brother but was removed when a video surfaced of him beating a woman – how charming. Tate then moved into the world of internet personalities, quickly gaining fame for his talks on various podcasts, promoting ways for young men to become the ultimate ‘Alpha-male’.These podcasts usually center more around the discussion of the role of women in society, placing extreme emphasis on the female ‘responsibility’ to please men at any given convenience. He also runs a pyramid scheme called Hustlers University and if that isn’t enough red flags, I don’t know what to tell you.

(Have you ever seen a more truly masculine man than in this video? Lmao)

While it seems like it would be common knowledge that sexism is not cool or trendy, his influence goes much deeper than enforcing gender roles, we’ve been there and heard that; he instead takes it a step further and actively promotes rape culture, insisting that a man’s priority is to ‘assert dominance’ over women…by any means necessary.

Including any of his podcast clips in this article would be giving an even bigger platform to this cruel person, so for that reason, I have compiled a list of his most memorable misogynistic quotes.

  • Women who have been raped should “bear some responsibility” for their attack.
  • He stated that “the reason 18 and 19-year-olds are more attractive than 25-year-olds is because they’ve been through less dick – I’ll say this right here on the fucking internet.”
  • “I don’t really care about abortion. If women wanna do dumb shit with their bodies and then fuck their own lives up and kill their own kids, go do it then.”
  • “If a woman is going out with a man, she belongs to that man, that’s his woman.”
  • Tate then went on to say that if that woman does OnlyFans, she owes him a cut of her payments because “she is his” and the “intimate parts of her body belong to him because they’re in a relationship.”
  • “A man can only cheat if he loves someone else. If I have a woman who I truly love and I go out and fuck and I come back to her and I don’t care about her [the other woman] and I only love my girl, that’s not cheating. That’s exercise.”
  • “If she even talks to a dude, it’s cheating.”
  • “If your man does cheat, the most stupid thing you can do is leave him.”
  • Tate even said he only hangs out with women to “bang” so he avoids his own sister. Bit weird you can’t even be around your own relatives, Tate.

Do I even need to say anything about these quotes?

Violence Against Women

Where the majority of people on the internet ignore Tate’s stupidity, he still has quite a hold on many male fans, specifically younger teenagers who are learning how to treat the people around them, and Tate is teaching them all the wrong things. Not only does he encourage the mistreatment of women but he also creates a toxic space for young men wherein they are not supposed to feel sad, cry, show emotion or basically be anything remotely close to human. I think deep down this guy needs a swift kick to the head and some therapy.

The biggest issue that comes from this is that Tate asserts that men are above women in all ways and therefore men bear no responsibility for the issues women face. It also creates an atmosphere of failure not being an option for young men, in any aspect. This, for obvious reasons, is so blindingly wrong.

The term ‘violence against women’ does not include any connotations to or about men. Men are entirely separated from ‘violence against women’, like it is somehow beyond their power.

In his work The Macho Paradox – Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help, Jackson Katz states that “…violence against women has historically been seen as a “women’s issue.” We focus on the against women part of the phrase and not on the fact that men are the ones doing it.” P3

He then goes on to say; “If you are a man, it is a lot easier to be sexist and abusive toward women-or remain silent in the face of other men’s abuse than it is to speak out against sexism. It is ironic that men who speak out against men’s violence against women are often called wimps when they actually have to be more self-confident and secure than men who remain silent in order to fit in and be “one of the guys.”  P4 macho man paradox

If any of those phrases offended you, you may want to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself what you are offended by, and why.

Men, what do you do that keep the women around you safe? If the answer is nothing, then you are part of the problem.

Do not just pretend to imagine it is a woman you know, like your mother or sister or daughter. Women should not need to have any form of relationship with you for you to care about their safety.

Tate is not the only man who has a misogynistic platform. He will not be the last. We need to see to it that he is taken off his pedestal and put in his place. No one will do it for us.

Supporting Tate is as harmful to women everywhere.

Women do not owe you anything. Women are not objects or possessions or toys or playthings and they are certainly not ‘yours’.

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