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WATCH: Utopian Short Surf Session, After Dark

Wag Productions Presente on Vimeo.

Wag Productions Presente- Utopian, nocturnal surfing at its finest and idyllic.

French director, Hugo Manhes has made his mark at a famous surf spot, Pointe de la Torche, Brittany.

In the dead of winter at 2.30 am, Manhes sets up his camera, along with local surfers; Ian Fontaine and Gaspard Larsonneur and they take to the waves.

The short itself is absolutely breathtaking, with the waves lit up by 120,000-watt neon lights, the waves are awash in color under a black, European sky, making the waves purple and yellow. Here, the title La Torche is very poignant.

The filmmaker explains:

“The idea was to offer up an experience that went beyond surfing. We projected colored lights onto the ocean to give it an almost supernatural appearance”

The six-minute film succeeds in its goals and creates a supernatural vibe in the nocturnal sport. The video also has idyllic landscapes of waves crashing into clifftops that you would only find on desktop landscapes.

Check it out here:

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out this video of an English Surfer getting wiped out!

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