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Creative People Sharing Workstations From Home Amid Coronavirus

All work and no play.

Being forced to work from home has sparked creativity across the world in these wild desk set-ups. It’s like they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

As the world begins to shut down in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people are forced to work from home to avoid unnecessary social contact. This has caused many individuals to take to social media to showcase their unique work-spaces they’ve set up inside their homes. All of these quarantined people are going to get really bored really fast, so this sort of thing will probably be more common.

Jules Forrest was the first to get this ball rolling with her Twitter post showing off her hallway workstation with pride. Her post almost instantly went viral with 12.4 thousand likes and 1.4 thousand retweets. Her post has since started a trend of others posting increasingly elaborate and unorthodox workstations. You can scroll through the endless replies of people posting their own workstations, usually with cute pets involved!

This is one social media trend I can get behind. The Coronavirus crisis is way too depressing, so any relief from that through interesting posts like these helps. I’m just glad people still have their jobs, honestly.

As for me, I’ve also been working from home but have yet to find my inner interior decorator. I’ve left my computer where it is and worked like I would any other day, but after seeing all these posts I think it’s time to change that. I’ve got to find some unique setup for my workstation that involves a laundry basket, a cat and a pretty view. 

It’s amazing to see people all over the world find humor and inspiration even during a stressful time like this. With thousands of people working from home (if they’re lucky, many others are just being laid off), it is awesome that these posts are going viral showcasing goofy workstations. This pandemic can’t stop good o’l fashioned creativity. If you want to see who isn’t handling Coronavirus as well, check out this insane monkey war.

Featured image from Scott Ackerman / Flickr

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