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New Facebook Feminist Chatbot Gives Appropriate Predetermined Pickup Lines

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

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For the most part, when guys use pickup lines on girls, they are either hit or miss. And more often than not, they are a big fat miss. But now with Facebook’s new Feminist Chatbot, guys can be confident that they will no longer say something offensive.

Many pickup lines are unfortunately blatant in their misogynistic riddles. And many times, women are completely turned off by these irritating expressions that some men happen to find oh so funny. The Feminist Chatbot, however, ensures that any pickup line that’s used through its list of approved statements will be courteous and uplifting. Here are just a few examples of what one might find:

While these lines are definitely still a slight bit sarcastic in their tone, at least they are not outright offensive in their words. Perhaps someone give it a go, and let us know the outcome?

Dillah Zakbah developed the Chatbot. She is a resident creative technologist at Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s Singapore office, and she had this to say about the new technology:

“It is apparent that the ‘third wave’ (of feminism) is now a shared topic that is of interest to most females.

There is a lot being talked about in terms of equality and feminism in the workplace, home (and career), (but) not much about love life.

The Chatbot now has roughly 50 pick-up lines, some that I wrote, and others repurposed from pop culture references. I want to show that there can be many ways to impress a feminist.

I just wanted to use this as proof, that you can be funny, cheeky, and get the attention of ladies without being too much of a jerk.”

Once again, the predetermined lines may work. Or the girl you’re trying to get might just think you are full of bullshit. Instead she may want you to just tell her nice things and not use any pickup lines of any kind, period. Hope it works out for you, gentlemen.

In a hilarious and ironic turn of events, watch this girl troll feminists with the “Women’s Guide to Woodworking”.

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