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Netflix Axe Plans For Season 2 of ‘First Kill’ Just Two Months After Release of Series

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There’s some bad news for fans who are holding out hope for a second season of Netflix’s teen vampire drama, First Kill.

Less than two months following the debut of First Kill season 1 on June 10th, Netflix has reportedly decided not to continue with plans for a follow-up season. While Netflix has not yet declared an official statement, Deadline reports that Netflix has decided not to revive the series.

The move, therefore, makes First Kill the latest in a string of teen series to get axed after only one season, along with The Society, Julie and the Phantoms, Daybreak, Teenage Bounty Hunters and The Irregulars.

The move was taken less than two months after the show’s first season debuted in June 2022, putting the series in an unfortunate group of series that was canceled after only one season.

Because of how Netflix reports its viewership figures, it’s not yet clear if the viewership filtered into the decision to cancel the series. While the series wasn’t given much love from critics, it was popular amongst the viewers that earned a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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