Trump Wants You To Take A Photo With Him…For $70,000!

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Yes, your favorite president is at it again. Just when you thought he couldn’t come up with more outrageous ideas to offend people, here he is offering you a chance to get that presidential selfie you’ve always wanted with him…for hmm, just about $70,000.

Trump held a fundraiser for his 2020 reelection campaign at Trump Tower in New York, and a pricey photograph is not the only outrageous thing offered. Check out the invite:

I wonder what’s on the menu (especially if I’m paying $35,000 for a meal). Someone even tweeted that the median household income in America doesn’t even come close to $70,000, let alone $100,000 to sit at a roundtable.

Yes, I know. The reality show politics are addicting. Here’s Trump’s Motorcade Receiving A Unsurprisingly Cold Welcome From the UK!

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