WATCH: Huge River Of Lava From Kilauea Eruption

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Watch this insane footage of a lava river captured by the Hawaii Army National Guard.

Over in Kilauea, there’s been a lava trouble going on.

On Hawaii’s (appropriately named) Big Island, a volcano recently erupted. This didn’t go unnoticed for long as the Hawaii Army National Guard were flying over this for a closer view of the volcano in order to monitor the aftermath of the eruption.

According to the National Guard, the river of lava was “100 feet across” and moving very quickly at a rate of about 15 miles per hour, which is pretty terrifying. Furthermore, the river was being “fed by a lava fountain spewing from an opening on the Earth’s surface being referred to as ‘fissure 8′”.

A worrying moment occurred when it reached Kapoho ocean, producing heavy haze plumes.

The lava has had an extremely destructive effect, wrecking more than 600 homes on Big Island as the volcano started spewing molten rock out a vent on a residential street.

You can watch the shocking yet amazing footage below:


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