Matthew McConaughey’s Life Advice Will Rock Your World!

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5 Minutes For the NEXT 50 Years of Your LIFE !

This well-known Hollywood actor is more than what meets the eye. The video is filled with  motivational tidbits on the actor’s life’s guiding lessons and values. The original speech was given at University of Houston’s commencement address for the graduating class. Below are direct quotes of some of his inspirational words!

The lessons:

  • Life is not easy

“It’s not fair, it never was, it isn’t now, it won’t ever be. Do not fall into the entitlement trap of feeling you are a victim, you are not. Get over it and get on with it.”

  • Define success for yourself 

“The question we have to ask ourselves is, what success is to us, what success is to YOU.

Continue to ask yourself that question. Your answer may change over time and that’s fine, but do yourself this favor:

Whatever your answer is, don’t choose anything that will jeopardize your soul. Prioritize who you are, who you want to be, and don’t spend time with anything that antagonizes your character.

So first, we have to DEFINE success for ourselves, then we have to put in the work to MAINTAIN it — take our daily tally, tend our garden, keep the things that are important to us in good shape.”

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  • Process of elimination

“Where you are NOT is as important as where you are.

The first step that leads to our identity in life is usually NOT “I know who I am,” but rather “I know who I AM NOT.” Process of elimination.

Defining ourselves by what we are NOT is the first step that leads us to really KNOWING WHO WE ARE.”

  • Dissect success through gratitude 

“Life is a verb. We try our best. We don’t always do our best.

Well, architecture is a verb as well. And since we are the architects of our lives, lets study the habits, the practices, the routines we have that lead to and feed our success… our joy, our honest pain, our laughter, our earned tears…

Let’s dissect THAT and give thanks for THOSE things… and when we do that what happens? We get better at them…and have more to dissect.”

The video ends with this last quote:

“Be discerning, choose it, because you WANT it, DO IT because you WANT to.

You are going to make mistakes — own them, make amends, and move on. Guilt and regret kills many a man before their time. Turn the page, get off the ride. YOU are the author of the book of your life.”

Matthew McConaughey definitely left an imprint on those who watched this inspiring video !


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