Jim Carrey’s Deleting His Facebook Because The Russians Exploited It

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You know your luck has run out if your name is Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey is making headlines, and surprisingly, not for any movie roles. The actor was recently on trial for his ex-girlfriend’s death, after her mother accused him of supplying her with the drugs that eventually led to her suicide. Oh yeah, and he’s been having a lot of trippy interviews where he’s discussing some real existential things.

Carrey’s latest weird adventure was when he announced that he would be deleting his Facebook account. His reasons are that the current president’s election was heavily influenced by the social media site and that Russian spies were exploiting it. So he’s saying goodbye and wants his fans to follow suit.

His entire message is as follows:


Now, it’s up to you whether or not you want to delete your Facebook account and go rogue from all forms of social media, but it’s unlikely that the actor’s stand will tear the site down or stop Russians from interfering pretty much wherever the hell they want.

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