WATCH: Cassetteboy Roasts Piers Morgan

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It is one of the President’s first international interviews since his inauguration. However, interviewer Piers Morgan faced some backlash. Cassetteboy is one among many to criticise him.

So, British journalist Piers Morgan interviewed Donald Trump. Let’s just say, uh, people weren’t too thrilled. Morgan was accused of soft balling the President, who is pretty infamous for his bigotry.

People were sceptical about this interview from the get-go. Especially considering Morgan has gone on record to state that Donald Trump is a “good friend” of his. The President wasn’t challenged on anything substantial. Instead, Morgan avoided taking him to task.

He was accused by many of appearing somewhat star struck.

Enter Cassetteboy.

Cassetteboy are a comedy duo who started out making mixtapes since 2000. They then started delving more into comedy, and certainly weren’t afraid of getting political.

Many of their edits have gone viral. For example, in 2014 they made “Cameron’s Conference Rap”. This video contained edited bits of David Cameron along to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

Compared to Cameron’s speech, their video was a huge success. The speech only garnered 44,000 views. Meanwhile, their edit had 3.5 million hits within the following week.

You gotta love social media. It allows us to take the piss out of politicians in a variety of ways.

Cassetteboy made a brilliant cut-up of the interview. It echoes much of the dissent, though be warned, kids. It’s kinda NSFW:

Ouch. Piers Morgan is gonna need some aloe vera for that, because he got burned. Even I felt embarrassed and I was just watching a cut-up of the real thing.

I think it’s safe to say Piers Morgan probably isn’t the one to go to for hard-hitting journalism.

If you want more hilarity regarding Donald Trump, check out this tragic tale of brilliant literature being taken down.

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