VIDEO: Extreme Longboarding With A Dangerous Twist!

How would you cope with this Longboarding challenge? 

A Longboard is specifically designed for smooth turning and speed over long distances. And, this is exactly what ‘Red Bull: No Paws Down’ puts to the test.

Skateboarding and Longboarding often correlate with youths and isn’t viewed as a serious sport. However, Red Bull created the following event which shows a dangerous and technical new side to the sport.

Participant - Performance

72 riders tackled 4 Kilometers at a 14% gradient, cruising at 85kmp. To top it all off, no hands can touch the ground.  (The Clue is in the name!) Furthermore, to ensure that riders obey this strict rule, event organisers apply duct tape to the palms of riders’ hands. Then, if signs of sliding are apparent you’re automatically disqualified.

Watching the video, I have to admit that I have a new-found respect for the sport. It takes someone very talented to complete this event with ‘no paws down’! Let us know if you agree!


But, no matter how hard you try at the sport, you’ll never be a cool as this little guy. 

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