Cannabis App Allows The User To I.D. Their Weed

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The new app MyDx is a portable identifying tool that is used to see what strain of weed you have as well as matching up which strain is best for you. It gives measurements in real time using scientific calculations. It is described as ” the First Hand-Held Chemical Lab Tester…test the purity of what you eat, drink, and inhale”.


The portable lab fits in the palm of your hand like a phone and costs $699. There are other analyzers you can use that isn’t just for weed: “The OrganaDx sensor allows users to measure the levels of pesticides found in the food they eat”, “The AquaDx sensor was designed to detect the presence of harmful chemicals, such as mercury and lead, in your water”, and “The AeroDx™ is designed to measure the surrounding air quality in order to ensure the safety and purity of the air you breathe”.

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Along with doing some community service, you might be able to score some free weed for your new MyDx.

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