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WATCH: This Hilarious Uber Argument Got Its Very Own Animated Adaptation

“Get out of my Car!” video sparks Uber debate.

Uber has utilized technology to replace the old taxi system. It has never been easier to catch a ride. You just take out your phone and a car is waiting for you. This system seems like a blessing but truly like everything else it has its downfalls.

Uber makes it easy for anyone to become a driver. Taxi company put their employees through training but Uber doesn’t put their drivers through as tough a process. Being an Uber driver is essential for working in customer service. If you have ever worked in customer service you know how difficult it can be. It’s possible a little extra training would make the Uber experience smoother for both customer and driver.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of Uber drivers who end up with a drunk they can’t get rid of or a costumer with a driver that has to run an errand first. This doesn’t reflect the whole company just individual incidents, such as this video example.  It is unclear whether the driver is justified in all his yelling but we can all agree the customer was unreasonable.

Due to the use of phones the Uber experience is viewed more personally than the old taxi experience thus people seem to forget the professional aspect of this interaction. However, it is just like any other customer service interaction we have daily. We buy groceries from the store, we buy rides for Uber. We should be able to treat the clerk and driver with the same amount of respect. There will always be that customer who doesn’t. A little training could help them keep the drivers from cracking but so could common decency.

If you’re wondering how else an Uber ride can go wrong check out this article.

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