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WATCH: Gone-Wrong Carnival in Thailand Almost Kills

Ride, or die?

Screenshot from a video posted by CGTNOfficial on Twitter

Ever been at the highest and most terrifying point of the roller coaster, with an empty pit in your stomach and your anxiety gradually building up, only to find yourself reassured with the idea that the operator must have done their job right. 

Earlier last week, families headed to a carnival in Loupbri, Thailand hoping to catch a couple of rides and to make some memories, instead they left with cuts and bruises and a trauma for life. 

After the safety bar broke, it left 5 adults and children violently injured.
Video shared on Viral Press– YouTube

Even though, luckily there were no fatalities due to this tragedy, this event left a young boy with a bleeding, open head and the rest of the victims slammed into the steel deck of the ride and traumatized for life. 

Whose fault was it?

No matter how one looks at an event like this, it is unquestionably tragic. However, had this been for a mechanical malfunction, the ineluctability would have been to some level comforting; as one would know that the operators did their absolute best to avoid an event such as this. 

Turns out, this event occured due to inattentiveness of an employee, and not a mechanical malfunction. 

The operator of this Parates of Carribean ride, Aki, forgot to check the locking mechanism, before turning on the ride. 

“I want to apologize to the people who were hurt and their family but I did not know much about the machine so I did not check anything before I started it.”

Aki, the operator’s apology; per METRO

Aki claimed that his friend, who was actually in charge of the machine, left the control center to go to the bathroom, as it was his break. 

One should hope that the rollercoaster ride they are getting on is being monitored by a trained operator. 

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