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WATCH: A Bad Lip Reading’s Parody of Trump’s Axios Interview

Watch Donald Trump shock us in interview even more than usual!

Credit: YouTube/ Bad Lip Reading

According to CNN, and many other news outlets, Trump’s Axios interview is being labelled an ‘abject disaster.’ If you thought the actual interview was a disaster, watch this ‘bad lip-reading’ spoof of the original interview.

Credit: Youtube/Bad Lip Reading

This Bad Lip Reading has it all, strange noises which anchor Trump’s speech, phrases like ‘Don’t talk about the Lizard people’ and graphs which Trump denotes as ‘special drawings’. These are just some of the things, featured in the parody that add to the hysteria that this video culminates.

Ironically, this bad lip-reading interpretation of the Axios interview is not far from reality.
Credit: Youtube/Bad Lip Reading

Trump’s frequent hand gestures and outrageous comments overwhelm the five minute video. Indeed, Trump actually advises the interviewer to ‘work on your hands, because they’re 100% a language’, a comment we can actually imagine him saying. Even more realistic, is when Trump brings up ‘Mexican people’ and the interviewer mimicking our anxiety at Trump’s often offence comments, rushes to say ‘Don’t say anymore’. 

This video might be a bad lip-reading comedy, but hand movements and absurd comments are exactly what we are used to when it comes to Trump. For more, Shortlist, have curated a list of The 75 most ridiculous Trump quotes.

If you found this hilarious, see Donald Trump Shares Bizarre Clip Of Himself Edited Into The Movie ‘Independence Day’.

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