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South Korean Prankster Exposes Cultist Scam Artists

If they light candles and ask you to put on a cloak, RUN!

Philippe Teuwen / Flickr

This guy dressed as Una Thurman from Kill bill runs around the streets of South Korea exposing the unusual world of religious grifters.

Everyone knows what a faff traveling abroad can be: lost luggage, forgotten tickets, delayed flights, that one friend that none of you really like and he’s actually a bit racially insensitive come to think of it and why does he keep whipping his genitals out in public any chance he gets? Don’t get me wrong traveling is great: Sun, sea, sex, sand, sangria, other things that begin with ‘S’ for some reason. But the amount of stress that comes with going abroad is undeniable.

Just to complicate matters further, you’re now in another country where you may not speak the language, on streets you only know from stumbling back to your hostel drunk on your first night; you can be quite vulnerable. No matter where you go everyone – even people that come here (here being the UK) – knows how common it is for your valuables to get pickpocketed on the street, and crap, you had your passport in that pocket! It’s a nightmare.

Sometimes you’ll just be going about your business, snacking on some local delicacy, taking photos of every bit of random crap you see; then from out of nowhere two innocent-looking strangers will flag you down, talk to you for a bit and indoctrinate you into a cult, have you wear some weird cloak and then scam you out of everything your worth. Sound familiar? thought not. Well, this video by the prank channel ‘Sucking Sunday’ seeks to expose the fraudsters that prey on unsuspecting tourists into doing this very thing:.

They conduct their scams under the guise of introducing the unwitting tourist to a slice of ‘Korean tradition’ and lure them back with the promise of tea and food before extorting money out of them through donations. According to forums across the internet, this practice is commonplace across cities in South Korea, and the scams aren’t just targeted at tourists. Locals are also stopped by the same scammers that use similar but rather more aggressive tactics. Look this is not some rant about strangers or ‘foreigners’. Most people are kind and aren’t strange cultists, but just be cautious when you travel, before you know it you could find yourself scammed out of all you own.

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