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South Australia Releases An Unbelievable Tourism Ad

South Australia releases a very suggestive tourism ad that you won’t believe.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Taste Down South

Making quality advertisements that grab consumers’ attention takes skill. Creativity, cleverness, intelligence, et cetera. The best ads have a little bit of humor and silliness while also successfully presenting the products they are selling. That is what Taste Down South was able to do with their most recent tourism ad.

It is still sort of a weird time to be traveling with coronavirus, but Australia currently prohibits overseas travel and has been extremely successful in containing the coronavirus. According to, there are currently only 145 active cases in the continent. 

But back to the matter at hand. This is a fantastic advertisement by Taste Down South. You have to assume they made such a suggestive ad on purpose. That is considering it is such an attention-grabbing ad. 

The ad definitely shows what is being sold, but at the same time, has such subtle copy that snags a person’s attention when spoken aloud. “It’s Time to Go Down South With Your Mouth” is a slogan that makes people stop in their tracks. I am almost positive someone said something along the lines of, “Did I actually just hear that?”

Still, it is also worth mentioning that the clips in this video make South Australia amazing. Amusements parks, excellent food, beautiful oceans, and a ton of nature to take in. I mean, I don’t know about you, when I saw those kangaroos hopping across around, I wanted to go on nature tour. 

One thing that Taste Down South did with this ad makes it memorable. Getting it to stick in people’s minds will make it more likely to consider taking that trip. They truly do a great job making going down south with your mouth seem like a pretty great time. 

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