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Man Accidentally Plunges Car Into Canal Literally Minutes After Passing Drivers Test

Don’t worry, he’s fine

Don't worry, he's fine

A canal in China saw some action recently as a driver, fresh from his test, flew his car off a bridge into the murky water.  I guess they don’t teach ‘how not to drive off bridges’ at his drivers ed.

It’s not everyday you see someone drive their car into a canal and live to tell the tale, but that’s what happened for a young man named Mr. Zhang.  This whole ordeal took place in Guizhou, China on the Laoping Bridge and luckily he got out with just a dislocated hand and some damaged pride. 

In true millennial fashion, Mr. Zeng has admitted to being distracted by texting leading up to the accident. As he was sending memes in various group-chats, he was surprised to see people on the bridge ahead of him. According to Sick Chirpse, he claimed ‘I became nervous and turned left suddenly. Luckily, the car floated for a while’. Words to live by. 

Footage of the incident shows Zhang noticing the bystanders on the bridge, panicking and then taking a sharp left into the water. As witnesses gather to see what happened, Zhang manages to kick his car door open and swim to safety. Police and rescue officials later retrieved the car and assisted Zhang with some nice, warm clothes. It’s unknown if Mr. Zhang will face any repercussions from the law because of this accident, but I guarantee his insurance will go up.

 I can’t help but feel bad for this guy considering he chose to put his car into the canal rather than hit somebody, and honestly I’m not sure everyone would make the same choice. China (and the world) has enough problems at the moment without punishing this young man who’s only crime was scrolling through TikTok while driving. Besides, with this coronavirus going around maybe he had the right idea to avoid other people at all costs. If you’re worried about that check out these tips for keeping the right facial hair to avoid the Coronavirus.

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