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Why Law Enforcement Professionals Are Using Dash Cameras

Here’s why…

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Dash cameras were introduced in law enforcement agencies to help with safeguarding their interests and those of the general public. Before the coming of these cameras, there used to be many cases where civilians were harassed by police officers. On the other hand, the law enforcers had a hard time proving that someone was guilty for committing a traffic offense. That’s now water under the bridge, thanks to these surveillance cameras. With such a camera both the police and civilians can see exactly what happens on our roads. The good thing is that the cameras are designed to be sleek so that the officers can record situations discreetly. Continue reading below to learn why these cameras have become so popular among law enforcers.

1. They are Used as a Training Tool

Dash cameras are usually fitted with a small memory stick that’s reserved for storing films that have already been recorded. Such films are later used in police training colleges to show new recruits how they are supposed to carry themselves when dealing with motorists. By analyzing such films, the police officers are aware of what they are supposed to do and what’s against their work ethics. When the officers continue watching films recorded in previous encounters, they are also able to figure out their mistakes. For instance, a law enforcer is not supposed to ask for a ride from a civilian motorist because it’s dangerous. In the long run, these video recordings contribute towards improved service delivery by police officers.

2. Helps them Win Cases

Before a person is convicted in a court of law, there has to be sufficient evidence that’s beyond doubt. If a police officer can’t provide solid evidence, then the case can’t proceed to trial. As a matter of fact, there are many instances where justice has not been served just because there was no evidence against the offender. When law enforcers use dash cameras in their cars, they are guaranteed to have an edge in such cases because they are able to convince the judge that the accused is guilty of an offense. Research actually shows that the number of convictions has shot up since the introduction of dash cams.

3. Builds Trust between Police and Civilians

Over the years, cops have been judged wrongly by the public due to their reaction in certain circumstances. Police have actually been blamed for killing people that are believed to be innocent. But what the public doesn’t understand is that sometimes police have to use force when they confront violent offenders. When dash cameras are used in police vehicle, the public can have confidence towards law enforcers because every encounter is recorded on tape for all to see. The police also behave themselves because they know big brother is watching everything they do or say.

4. Prevents Lawsuits Against Law enforcers

Law enforcers are not immune like we are made to believe. In fact, there are some law enforcement agencies that have been slapped with hefty fines for infringing the rights of an individual when making arrests. Most law enforcement agencies try their best to avoid such legal battles because they are a liability. If an agency issued in a court of law, they can use video footage to prove that their officer did not commit an offense. The films that are captured by dash cameras are also used in disciplining the officers that behave badly.

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