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Why Buy From A Jeep Dealership Rochester NY Over A Private Sale

It could be the best decision you make.

One of the most popular classic cars to buy today is the Jeep. Buying one is certainly a dream. It is one of the classic cars that also consistently excels in performance and ratings. After working so hard to save, you have now come to terms with the fact that yes, you can now buy a Jeep, and yes, you can now afford to pay its monthly amortizations.  

If you’re looking towards buying one in Rochester, New York, whether new or second-hand, you have two options as to where you can buy a Jeep. Either you purchase one from a Jeep dealership or a private sale. However, car experts suggest that it is better for you to purchase one from a car dealership, such as, instead of a private sale. 

Here are four reasons why buying a Jeep from a car dealership is beneficial: 

1. No need to worry about buying a defective or questionable Jeep. 

Yes, you can get a good Jeep out of a private sale. However, you’re opening yourself up to the risk of not knowing the car’s history. There might be issues that are kept from you, or worse, the Jeep that you’re offered might be the proceeds of a crime. Also, buying from a private seller doesn’t give you much legal protection, in comparison with buying from Jeep dealerships. 

Car dealerships have to go through a rigorous inspection of the vehicles that they are going to sell before they can put it out in the market. Inspections for the following are to be completed: 

  • Quality 
  • Functionality 
  • Reliability 

Car dealerships have a reputation to uphold. If they offer you a fraudulent and/or defective vehicle, they are running the risk of losing their license. Hence, unless you know the private seller personally, for an added sense of protection, you might be better off buying your Jeep from a car dealership instead. 

2. A better warranty for your Jeep. 

When you buy anything that involves a lot of money, you’ll need to have a warranty to keep yourself protected. Whether you are buying a family car that should last you for years, or simply a personal car, you should have the assurance of a sense of protection.  

If anything happens to your Jeep within the warranty period, at least you still have an opportunity to return the Jeep, or to have the errors repaired, at the expense of the company. In some cases, when you buy from a private seller, there isn’t really a warranty included. The reason for this is because they are not required to provide one.  

Car dealerships are in the business of selling cars, and one of their legal requirements is for them to provide the proper warranty for the vehicles that they are selling. 

3. Enjoy more variety of models and colors. 

All Jeeps may be identical for you, but that is false. There are actually a variety of models, colors, and makes for you to choose from.  

If you’re going to purchase a Jeep from a private seller, then you’re left with no choice but to be content with the model and color that they are selling. However, if you want more options to choose from, or if there is a particular color that you have in mind, then you’re better off purchasing your Jeep from a car dealership instead. 

If they don’t have the color that you want in stock, since they are a car dealership, they can always order one for you as well. Hence, you’re really going home with a Jeep that you genuinely want. 

4. Offered with more financing options. 

If you have enough money, or cash on hand saved up for your car purchase, then the financing option shouldn’t be that much of a deal for you.  

However, if you’re looking for more financing options, then buying from a car dealer is the right place for you. These car dealerships have partnerships with banks and other unions, hence their ability to offer you an affordable deal.  

Keep in mind that you need to stick with a financing option that you are sure you can afford in many years to come. 


Based on the reasons above, buying a Jeep from a dealership is indeed a very wise and prudent decision. Shelling out hard earned money to finally get a hold of the car of your dreams is not a decision that you shouldn’t be wary about.  

For all the reasons enumerated above, and so much more, you can safeguard your rights, your money, and you can walk out with peace of mind that you have an excellent car and a good purchase in your hands. 

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