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Why Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Is A Good Fit For Gold Prospecting?

Why not give it a go?

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Are you starting out gold detecting for the first time? Do, you want a gold detector at less money? Do you want to gift a gold detector to a kid? If any of your answers are yes, then you have chosen the right thing and I am about to give you a profound review on the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector. I am going to answer frequent questions as well as carry out pros and cons. I will also compare this detector to some of the popular metal detectors on the market. Are you ready? Let’s dig in. 

It is a perfect value for money gold metal detector. The easy to use the feature and two knob control make it effortless to use for any level of gold hunters. The outstanding price attracts much of the buyers. Thus, it is one of the bestselling metal detectors on the market. Let’s see what’s in it for you. 

Features of Bounty Hunter Gold digger metal detector 

It is one of the simplistic metal detectors available on the market. It comes with multiple features for both a beginner and an experienced hunter. 

  • Easy to Use with 2 Knob Control 

As a beginner, you may get tensed on how to handle a metal detector. Believe Me! It is effortless to use. It has no complicated function.  

One of the knobs lets you control the power level and the other lets you eliminate the trash. There is a sensitivity meter that signifies the sensitivity of the metal underneath. 

  • Find Various Metals 

This metal detector can be used to search several types of metals, for example, gold, brass, silver aluminum, still and iron. You can choose a place like your backyard, a beachside, and a park for hunting.  

  • Find the thing that you want  

It features motion all-metal mode that allows you to find any kind of metal. With the discrimination mode, you can search for a specific kind of metal. The trash eliminator setting lets you search by ignoring the trash and making any noise for that. For example, you might be looking for a piece of jewelry. In that case, you obviously will not want anything less valuable than the jewelry you are looking for and then, it helps.  

  • Find Objects up to 6” and more 

You can find small objects like a gold coin or any similar size metal objects up to 6’’ depth with this detector. It can also find bigger objects up to 2 feet. 

  • Adjustable length 

It is a useful feature for both children and adults. You can adjust the length from 34.5 inches to 45.5 inches according to your body length. Thus, there will be no problem to use it for a kid or an adult.  

  • Lightweight 

It only weighs around 2.2 pounds which makes it super lightweight machine. So, you can hunt with it for a long time without hand ache as it also contains armrest for you.  

  • Automatic ground Control and Weatherproof coil 

It comes with preset ground control so that you don’t need to tune it for different types of soil. It runs at an operating frequency of 6.6 kHz. The 7 -inch weather resistant coil allows you to search for objects in both shallow water and general ground surface. However, don’t dip the whole machine under water because the entire structure isn’t waterproof. 

  • Headphones 

With three different tunes, you can identify your target objects. By the way, the package comes with a headphone and there is a 1/8-inch headphone jack to search for metals in a crowded or private place. However, if you gift this item to a child, he/she will be very happy to have it with a headphone as it seems to give a serious hunter feeling. 

Bounty hunter gold digger amazon review 

While writing this review, I found there are 1685 customer reviews. It got 4.1 stars out of 5 on average. Out of all the reviews, it got 59% five-star reviews. On the other hand, it got only 7% 1-star reviews out of 5.  

Pros and Cons 


  • Lightweight  
  • Adjustable length 
  • Detect all types of metals 
  • Automatic ground balance  


  • No pinpoint mode 
  • Can’t notice coins deeper than 6”   

Comparison of Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Vs Bounty Hunter Tracker IV   

  • The Tracker IV has a bit extended coil but it functions almost the same. 
  • The Tracker IV is a bit heavier than the gold digger. 
  • The gold digger comes with 3-tone audio mode but the bounty hunter has only two. 
  • The bounty hunter tracker IV’s weight is almost double than the gold digger.  
  • The gold digger is specially made for gold but the tracker IV is not.  
  • While the tracker 4 can find coin-sized objects up to 8” inch deep the gold digger can notice up to 6” inch.  
  • The price of the bounty hunter gold digger is less than the Bounty hunter tracker IV.  

Frequently Asked Question? 

  • Is it Waterproof?  

Ans: Nope, it is not fully waterproof. The shaft and coil are water resistant. You can run it on shallow water but submerging the entire unit with the controlling box may damage the entire machine.  

  • Can I detect gold with it?  

Ans: Yes, this machine is capable of finding gold.  

  • What kind of battery does it require?  

Ans: It requires 2 9-volt alkaline battery.  

  • Do I always have to wear headphones?  

Ans: Nope, you can wear headphones whenever you want but not always. It has a built-in speaker for signaling. However, for better accuracy, you can wear the headset. It also helps in a crowded place.  


After carrying out the Bounty hunter gold digger metal detector review, I can tell you it is a perfect value for money metal detector for a beginner. At its price range it is the best gold metal detector, isn’t it? Let me know your opinion about the review in the comment section. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family if you like it. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness.  

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