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What’s Worse: Employees Being Absent Or A Sick Employee Being at Work?

Tough one.

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When a crucial employee is absent from work, the entire workday can slow to a crawl and problems will always arise. The more important the employee is, the more frustrating it is to get through the day. However, what could arguably worse is when a sick employee comes into work. They’ll cough, sneeze, and talk like their nose is filled with snot. It’s not pleasant and, depending on what kind of illness it is, it could spread to other employees and cause a chain reaction of infectious illnesses.

While it’s not that common, it’s also not unheard of. However, the question remains; is it better to ask that employee to come in regardless because they’re so important, or will you develop a countermeasure to prevent the business from falling apart in their absence? It’s a difficult dilemma and some employees are more than happy to come into work despite feeling awful just to help the business. Sadly, could this courageous act be doing more harm than good, especially if they’re contagious?

Always Have a Backup Plan

First of all, make sure you have a backup plan. Use services such as BrightHR to help monitor employee absences, performance and also plan shifts. If there’s a problem, then you can use the software to rearrange shifts and call in backup employees or part-time workers to fill in the gaps. Having plenty of information available and having it sorted so you can use it to fill voids in your schedule is the best way to prevent a single employee absence from completely ruining your workday. It’s crucial to know everything that’s going on within your business, and it’s software that can give you the upper hand.

Allow Employees to Work Remotely

You don’t need to give your employees the latest iPhone or tablet in order to work from home. If all your employees do is manage things, punch numbers in or type a bunch of text, then they could probably work from a cheap office laptop at home. You may need to set up your workflow or office for remote working, but if you’re able to pull it off in a relatively short amount of time, then you’ll be able to resume your regular work operations without stressing over a missing person. This also opens up the opportunity for your employees to work no matter where they are. Many companies now recruit from all over the world and you’d be surprised at how much talent there is on an international level.

Promote Better Health

Lastly, make sure you’re not stressing your employees out because it could lead to some adverse health conditions. You’re not going to last long if you keep pushing your employees to work extra shifts or long hours. It will eat up their health and eventually make them sick or more likely to develop some kind of condition. Do your best to promote wellbeing among your staff and give them regular breaks. If you find that you’re forced to give them more work, then perhaps you need to hire a few extra staff members.

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