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Useful Tips and Hacks to Know When Working with Cricut Holographic Vinyl

Here’s how you do it…

The uniqueness and charming appeal oozed by various types of Cricut vinyl have made it a popular craze and trend amongst passionate people concerning craftwork. However, working with vinyl, especially the Cricut variety, is a daunting task. One of the latest varieties of this vinyl is the Cricut holographic vinyl.  

Working with this vinyl is no mean task and many leave midway frustrated. But to make your path smoother and to help you achieve success, there are some wonderful tips and tricks that can increase your chances of getting on the glory track. Check them out:  

  • Use masking tape  

Before you embark on your craft project, it’s a smart idea to cover your fingers with masking or painter’s tape. This saves you plenty of time and hassle in removing unwanted scrap while doing the weeding process. The efficiency it provides helps calm your jittery nerves as well.   

  • Be mindful of pliability  

Compared to regular or any other variety of regular vinyl; the holographic vinyl is far less pliable. It’s on the stiffer side and would remind you more of a foil adhesive instead of any other removable vinyls.   

  • Using the right mat  

The instruction manual that comes with this type of vinyl mostly recommends you to use the StandardGrip Mat. However, holographic vinyl has a tendency to keep popping on them. Keeping the thickness of this type of vinyl in mind, you’re likely to get better results if you use a Strong Grip Mat.   

  • Safe for electronics  

Many are apprehensive about using vinyl craft on their electronic devices like phones, laptops, desktops, etc. However, they are perfect and look charming when used as monograms on your electronic gadgets. Not only do they stick seamlessly but they can also be easily removed any time you get bored with it.   

  • The trick for removing the finished work from the mat  

We are all used to trying to pick up the finished work from the mat to remove it. But you often find your product getting curled up during the process. A much better way to remove it is to flip the mat so that your finished craftwork is upside down. Now, try to peel the mat off slowly from the material instead of the other way around. You will end up more successful.   

  • Keep rubbing alcohol handy  

While working with vinyl, it’s always a smart idea to keep rubbing alcohol within reach. While working, it’s easy for the dust and oil to stick on your fingers and all surfaces including the surface on which you would be sticking the vinyl craft. It will not only decrease the adhesive power but is also likely to make the final outcome look messy. However, you can easily get a sparkling clean surface by using a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Vinyl sticks best on super clean surfaces and makes your task much easier.  

Wrapping up   

Once you learn the tricks of using Holographic vinyl, it’s pretty simple and fun to work with. It can create some eclectic work and you might just find yourself using it more on a daily basis. 

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