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Monopoly Is Jumping Off Of The Board And Coming To Life…With Your Help!

Have you ever wished you could be inside the Monopoly game? Well now you can!

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Monopoly is no longer just a board game you play with your friends and family. It is becoming a live version that we can all play and be more connected with. Though the details are have not all been revealed yet, this sounds like a Monopoly super fan’s dream!

According to timw_brap ( this version of Monopoly will be interactive and “features themed rooms, including a Bank, Water Works, Electric Company, Train Station, Tile Deeds, and Chance Cards” (timw_brap 1). It will literally be like walking through the board game and getting play the game. Although, there are still some details that have not come out yet, like if you get to be a certain piece from the game and how moving from room to room will be similar to moving from square to square around the game board.

In addition to having “themed rooms” to move through, “Monopoly Dreams” as it will be called is also going to feature a “murder mystery style sub plot as you go through the rooms, involving someone stealing Mr. Monopoly’s money and players have to thwart the plot of the mysterious villian” (timw_brap 1). This sounds like a cool twist of Clue and Monopoly and I would definitely be willing to play this game!

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There is a catch though to this interactive, new take on Monopoly. It is in Hong Kong, so the cost of getting there and whatever the cost for this will be is probably going to be something that not every Monopoly fan will get to enjoy. (timw_brap 1) However for some, the expense may just be worth it. And even if you can’t make it to Hong Kong for this experience, there are so many versions of Monopoly that you can run out to a store or hop on Amazon and order one and play a new version if you need your Monopoly fix but need something new.

I believe this new way to play Monopoly is going to be a great way to get fans to get inside and experience the game on a whole new level. Much like these mobile video game trailers that are popping up more and more at fairs and festivals, this will be a chance for board game fans to live out a fantasy. This “Monopoly Dreams” though is going to be a theme park so it is on a large scale. I look forward to hearing more updates about this in the coming months and guess its time to start saving up for the trip! Time to “Pass Go and Collect” on this once in a life time experience!

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