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Iron-on Transfer Paper And Their Substitutes

Some examples…


All types of transfer papers are created differently. Their difference lies not only in the way they are used but also in their technical aspects. Some organizations still continue to manufacture old fashioned dresses with those old machines. 

The main problem with this technology is that it can only produce old fashioned t-shirts that are not in demand in the market. These t-shirts are not durable as well. 

The technology has one side with paper and the other side with the image in reversed order. The image is placed into the color side using a heated iron and then transferred to the fabric. In this method, the use of a computer is a must. Using a computer makes the t-shirts durable also and makes them more fashionable. It’s obvious that the buyer won’t consider ruining their t-shirt after the first wash. 

Keeping this in mind, new and updated technology has been introduced. The technical evolution of transfer paper has also changed in several aspects. New things are introduced in the market, which is preferred by several individuals. Many types of transfer papers are now available. 

Here are some examples. 

Types of methodologies 

  • Quick and easy premium transfer paper, which is a completely new type of transfer paper. This transfer paper provides a better quality and brand new touch. 

This is suitable for light color and white designs. This technology can only be used on those types of fabrics that are stretchable. Some of the examples include Lycra, burlap fabric, and canvas. 

This technology performs better work on original cotton easily. The method is also suitable for polyester blends in order to give better results. This technology is always considered to be superior in terms of technique and quality.  

  • Then comes dark and easy transfer paper methodology. This is the type that is suitable for dark fabric, which mostly includes the color that is close to black. This transfer paper is specially designed for black, and all the light colors can be transferred on fabrics, spandex, cotton blends, and other materials that can be stretched. 
  • Iron on transfer paper is a technique that is not limited to t-shirts but all types of dresses and fabrics such as caps, scarves, bandanas, tote bags, sweatshirts, and so on. In fact, other fabrics such as pillow cover, shoes, sheets canvas are also allowed to transfer fabric. 

This is one of the most versatile transfer papers for fabrics, suitable for any type of fabrics without any drawbacks. In order to decorate a child’s room, all types of fabric works are required and can be done using iron on transfer paper. This is not the end; this transfer paper can even be used on wood. 

Iron on transfer paper is widely used to give the most prominent finish to the product. This machine is perfect for each and every type of material, as well as any color. The most interesting part of this machine is that it’s not limited to clothes and dresses, but it can also be applied to wood in order to transfer and print respective designs onto it. 

  • High-quality iron on transfer paper reviews clearly say that all the transfer papers are not the same. In order to give the latest touch to the product, the piece of cloth must have a branded texture and be highly attractive. The outdated texture is not preferred in the market. Keeping this thing in mind, high-quality iron on transfer paper is used. This type of transfer paper is often used in order to give the latest finish. The mirror image of the fabric is initially placed on the transfer paper, and then the image is transferred to the fabric. This process is simpler than that of normal iron on transfer paper. 

Designs can be changed after a period. One can create their own project or design and print multiple types with a single move. This reduces the time of production and also gives a perfect print that is easily preferred by any type of user. 

This type of technique is generally covered by inkjet printers and heat irons. Later on, after the work is done, the image is peeled off from the printer. Different types of textures are also possible in this case, such as matte finish or glossy finish, and so on. 

  • Dark fabrics or opaque iron transfer paper also uses inkjet printers, as the name says that this is best for dark prints and even light prints also. This is also the most versatile type of transfer paper technique. Most interestingly, this type of transfer paper is suitable for sweatshirts, jeans, and so on. 


It must be mentioned that there are several processes for prints and there several types of technical machines for doing so. Choosing the right machine is the most important factor. This can be done by estimating the market demand and the popularity of the various techniques. It also depends on the fabric what the producer is going to use. 

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