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How to Take Care of Your Phone

It pays to look after it.

Phones are some of the most valued personal items most people own. We can’t deny the fact that today our lives entirely depend on our phones right from the morning alarm to sending urgent emails. With phone producers launching new products every year, it is presently one of the biggest industries. A recent study showed that the average Briton replaces their phone every two years. If you are looking to get a new phone or a used one, here are some things you should know about taking care of it so that it operates well for a longer period.  

Get a Phone Case and Screen Protector 

The number one cause of damage to phones is a cracked screen. Phone screens are very fragile. Because most phones have touch screens, they are packed with delicate sensors. When your phone falls, the shock of the impact can affect the sensors or worse, crack the screen, thereby making the sensors useless. Which can then require you to replace the entire screen system. Get a phone case to reduce the impact of a fall and a screen protector as an added level of protection. 


Get Authentic Cables and Accessories 

Wear and tear are a normal part of any product’s life cycle. With regular use of your charger and accessories, you will need to replace them eventually as they fall apart. Get an authentic  charging cable  from a reputable source such as Spares2You. A fake charger can damage not only your phone’s charging port, but it can also damage the battery. You might end up with a hefty repair bill or the need to replace the phone. 


Keep It Dry 

Although there are water-resistant phones in the market, it is recommended to keep your phone dry. Keep it away from water as much as you can. Like every other electronic device, phones and water do not mix. During the rainy season, have a Ziplock bag with you at all times in case you get caught up in the rain. If you accidentally get the phone wet, turn it off immediately and let it dry completely. If you are uncertain what to do next, consult a phone technician before turning it back on. 


Keep It Away from Children 

Children nowadays know how to operate phones, no matter how advanced you think your phone is. They can unlock your phone to play games, stream cartoons, take pictures, or watch movies, depending on their age. However, children have small hands. They can easily drop your phone or throw it away when they get upset. You can either get a heavy-duty phone case or simply keep it away from their reach. 


Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

Phones batteries, much like people, do not like extreme temperatures. The ideal temperature for your phone should be between 15 – 30 degrees Celsius. While your phone may still work beyond the recommended range, it is more likely to reduce your phone’s performance over time. 


Back-up Regularly 

As a safety measure, endeavour to back-up your phone regularly. You never know what might happen to it and when. Back-up in the cloud and on an external device such as a computer or a hard drive. 

Taking care of your phone is easy. You don’t need to keep getting a new phone every two years. With these tips, your phone can last you a long time.  

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