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GoPro Are Releasing A New Camera…And It’s Pretty Awesome


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GoPro to many people is just a hype of summer 2015 which quickly faded. It seems the company have gone quiet for years, but they’re back- and bigger and better.

Some serious effort has gone in on the drawing board at GoPro HQ.  After a fairly quiet period, they’ve released  an all-new product. The snazzy new product is the ‘GoPro Fusion’.  From what we can tell, it does not disappoint.

So, what is the GoPro Fusion? It’s capable of filming VR. The camera works by merging action cams with virtual reality abilities. This new camera is able to capture a spherical view so you can get the best possible version of that memory. Pretty cool, huh?

In addition to its crazy virtual-reality capturing abilities, it acts as a normal camera. It can record non VR- material as well as taking ordinary photos at excellent quality. The camera aims to let peoples tell their stories how they want to, people are able to go back and choose the composition of the video.

Ever wished you could literally could go back and play your memories over? Well this is the closest thing possible (except you know, actually just re-playing them in your head). It’s crazy what technology can achieve, who knows what else will be possible in a few years?

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