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Best Tips How To Summarize An Article

Tips from the pros.

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When learning how to summarize an article, one needs to understand that a summary is a sum up, where information is condensed and there is grouping the most important points and information. What is summary? This is a brief overview of content focusing on a comprehensive theme. Summarizing articles is a useful technique in learning as one can share the key points of a topic and focus on the most relevant subtopics. Readers can get a snapshot about the article based on the summary, which sums up what has been addressed. 

When to write a summary of an article   

Authors, writers, and students from write article summaries when they need to represent the essential components of a text.   When focusing on how to start a summary of an article. 

One must first understand the aim and theme of an article. This helps to highlight the important ideas of a topic in a way that can be understood by the readers without losing meaning. If you are afraid to write it and want to get experience how to create a theme, you may relay on experts from Essay Zoo and look at essay samples available at 

What to include in summary  

One ought to include the main ideas in a summary and mostly address the subject in the introduction then elaborate this in the main body. This extends to synthesizing the content of a text while summarizing the objective of the article in the first paragraph. Furthermore, one ought to use the keywords and elaborate them to avoid losing meaning.  

Steps to summarize an article  

The first step on how to write a summary of an article is to begin with the analysis of the objectives hoped to achieve in their article or research. This is followed by identifying the main and secondary ideas of the article and summarizing the premise of the authors. There is also analysis of the questions presented by the writer and the evidence or facts to support the claims made. This is followed by the article summary and using the authors’ quotations, few words, then correction and rewriting to improve the article. 

Choose main idea 

Identifying and choosing main and secondary ideas is possible when one reads the text carefully and then extracts the important ideas, which indicate the general idea of the text.     Repetition of keywords and phrases with the important information indicates the ideas that are most relevant in a text. Even after understanding the reading it is necessary to summarize the main idea using your own words. 

Find standpoint, facts  

An objective author writes gives a point of view without distorting the facts, where they identify the important ideas and evidence to support the text ideas. Tips on how to write a professional summary highlight the need to write concrete information including using facts and evidence. The author uses facts to highlight their standpoints and purpose of the text and since facts are objective they strengthen arguments made. Summary of the facts and subject matter indicate what has been evaluated to support the main idea. 

Start summarizing  

When starting a summary one has to identify the main ideas and information then focus on the secondary information. After reading the text carefully one has to eliminate the redundant material that repeats the information is also necessary, where then the topic sentence is identified and is the central theme in a text. The summary elaborates on the main idea including offering support and proof from each of the paragraphs. The summary should be clear and coherent and there is also review of the work to eliminate inappropriate terms and correcting the grammar and punctuation. 

Usiing author’s quotations 

Considering the context of the article, is a good starting point of summarizing the article and final conclusion provides insights on whether the author achieved what they intended to accomplish. When incorporating an author’s concepts, words or phrases one must correctly cite the information used and readers can locate the work if interested. This provides the necessary information in the summary and acknowledgement of the author’s work. Sometimes readers are looking for specific information and author’s quotations can provide adequate answers. 

Tags and author  

Authors use tags and keywords, which highlight an article’s main idea and using these few words capture the essence of the article. It is easier for readers to identify the useful information when using the tags of authors.  The tags are associated with better precision and can be used to search for information as they are linked to the most relevant information.  Incorporating the tags links the key ideas together makes it easier to identify key word and phrase relevant in the original article. 

Recommended length of an article  

The ideal length of an article is between 500 and 2000 words, and depends on the subject and audience.  The question of how long is a summary also depends on the aim of summarizing, the length of the original article and how best one can express the ideas. Longer articles require good research and credible sources and this may include data where ideas fare explained. An  article summary example is an abstract, which is mostly one to two paragraphs summarizing an article from introduction to methods, results, and conclusion. An article ought to have an introduction, body, and conclusion that are linked to the subject.   

Correction and rewriting  

Correction and rewriting the texts evaluates the text and improves the content to ensure there are no mistakes. There is more complete comprehension of the article when there is revision and polishing details.   After working with drafts one has to reflect on the article to detect inaccuracies, omissions, unnecessary repetitions and lack of information then correct this.   The summarizing process is final when there is rereading, evaluation and improvement. 


Reading the entire article and when recording the main ideas and supporting ideas is necessary since the key points link the central idea to the entire article. Summarizing the article is not simply paraphrasing the article, but quoting the author and using evidence strengthens the summary. As such, it should be clear what the aim of the author was and summarize each section.  After summarizing correction, revision and reviews are prioritized to polish the final text, which improves the written content. 

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