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Adidas Promotes 1980s Throwback Campus Sneaker In Latest Campaign

Don’t call it a comeback?

Credits: Kenneth Cappello/Adidas

For their latest campaign, Adidas is promoting the 1980s Campus sneakers with young skater, artist, and designer Blondey McCoy. The Campus sneaker originated as basketball shoes, but was soon found on every youngster in the neighborhood. It’s still considered an Adidas classic in 2017. The campaign also features skater Na-Kel Smith; snowboarded and model, Tavia Bonetti; and film director, Tiffany Lighty.

This campaign offers a fresh new perspective on the throwback kicks. These new promotional faces will represent the modernized brand of Campus sneakers while maintaining their own personal flavor.

© Kenneth Capello Adidas

Credits: Kenneth Cappello

Mark the calendars, Adidas will be reissuing these popular sneakers. They will be in stores and in the online shop June 15. Until then, check out these awesome pictures by Kenneth Cappello as he captures everyday humans wearing these pretty shoes.

© Kenneth Capello Adidas

© Kenneth Capello

© Kenneth Capello Adidas

© Kenneth Capello

Lastly, check out this article and fast food and fashion. Big Macs just got fashionable.

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