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5 Essential Pool Opening Tips for the Season

Be ready.

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Summer is the most awaited season of the year for any pool owner. After months of freezing weather, it starts getting better for you to dive into the pool and have a great time.   

Though the sun is smiling, don’t dive into your pool yet! You’ll need to do a little groundwork to make your pool ready for the real fun!  

Herein, we are suggesting 5 pool opening tips to ensure a trouble-free swimming season: 

  1. Clean off your pool cover 

In case your pool has been covered all winter, probably your pool cover must have accumulated a small pond of water in the middle. Besides, there can be scattered leaves and small branches. 

Cleaning this all may look like a hard task but by following some of the tips you can easily clean your pool cover or pool enclosure 

  • Use a water pump to clear away water from the cover; 
  • Let the pool cover dry; 
  • Use a blower to remove dead leaves, branches, and debris; 
  • Use a broom to sweep the dust;  
  • Gently, unscrew the anchors of the cover and remove it; 
  • Store the cover in a cool and dry place.  

While cleaning, water and leaves may fall back into the pool. But don’t worry as you will be cleaning and shocking the pool water later. 

  1. Sweep off your deck

After cleaning your pool cover, don’t forget to sweep off your deck. Most of the twigs and branches that end up on your deck, will come after cleaning your pool cover. 

On top of that, anything on your deck will likely end up in your pool. So sweep your deck before cleaning your pool.  After sweeping, brush it and wash it down with water. 

In case there are patches of algae or mildew on your deck then pressure wash your deck, and you can check Hotsy Equipment Company to help you with that. However, you should also disinfect the deck area from time to time. This will make your deck stay cleaner for a longer period. 

  1. Reconnect & inspect your pool equipment

Start assembling all the pool equipment that you detached during the winters. Some of the important equipment are: 

  • Pool filter to clean the swimming pool thoroughly during the season; 
  • The water pump so that the entire pool system work efficiently; 
  • The skimmer basket to collect debris.  
  • Don’t forget to assemble ladders, handrails, and other pool accessories. 

Apart from assembling, inspect your pool accessories carefully. Some of the steps to follow are: 

  • Check for leaks in the pool filter; 
  • Deep cracks in the pump lid; 
  • Examine a pool heater for any physical damage; 
  • Check all winter plugs. 

Moreover, lubricate all equipment to prevent rusting over the summer. 

4. Add cleaning chemicals 

By adding pool chemicals, you can keep your pool clean and safe all season long. Some of the chemicals are:  

  • Chlorine: It kills the bacteria and purifies the water. 
  • Bromine: It is one of the best alternatives to chlorine. Being gentle, it is quite good for pools. 
  • Soda ash: This basically maintains the pH-level of water. It also affects the corrosive, or neutral nature of the water. 
  • Algaecide: This kills and prevents the growth of algae. 
  • Pool clarifier: This helps to form the clusters of impurities in your water so that the water filter can easily catch them.   

Don’t start by throwing chemicals immediately as they can damage your pool surface. Allow the water to get stable and then add the necessary chemicals in the proper proportions.  

5. Pool safety check 

After adding chemicals, it’s time for a pool safety check.  

Some of the safety measures to follow are:  

  • Find leaks and cracks: If you find a crack, replace the damaged plumbing equipment. In case there are hidden leaks, slightly tighten the leaking connection. 
  • Test your pool water: Use test strips or kit to examine your water. Test pH, total alkalinity, chlorine, hardness, and stabilizer levels. 
  • Install safety barriers: Use barriers such as fences and gates to safeguard your pool from unwanted invaders. Keep the life-saving equipment to protect your children from falling into the water. 

Wrap up 

Opening your swimming pool may feel like a bit of a chore. But by following these opening tips will make it as easy as possible and even faster.   

Happy Summers! 

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