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10 of the Best Bongs on the Market

Here at the top ones around.

Not sure what bong to get or how much to spend. Check out this informative guide on the 10 best bongs on the market to get the most for your money. 

Globally, weed usage is on the rise, going up a total of 60% in the last decade alone! As the cannabis market continues to grow, so does the market for bongs. 

Today, there are countless types of styles and designs for water pipes that can deliver premium smoking experiences. However, if you don’t know what you’re looking for you could wind up buying a bong you hate. 

Instead of wasting your money, let us help. We’ve created a short but complete guide to help you find the perfect bong to bring you joy. Read on to find out about 10 of the best bongs on the market today. 

  1. Bent Neck Bongs Are Stylish

Bent neck bongs have a stylish design and look great sitting on top of a piece of furniture, like a coffee table. The bent design is perfect if you don’t want to have to look straight down your tube when you smoke. The distance of the neck from the bowl makes it so you don’t have to worry about having any flames near your face. 

Since these bongs do have a neck that sticks out, it’s never a good idea to let them sit in your lap. Instead, you’ll always want to secure bent neck’s on a stable surface. 

  1. Beaker Bottom Bongs for Big Hits

If you’re a veteran marijuana smoker, you’ve probably seen a beaker bottom bong before. These classic pieces allow you to have some of the biggest hits because they can hold a lot of smoke. After filling up your bong, you inhale from the beaker. Depending on the bong you choose, the beaker can have a lot of different angles. 

Another reason beaker bottoms made our list of the best bongs is that they’re easy to clean. Simply fill the bong up with isopropyl alcohol and coarse table salt, shake it up, and your bong will be squeaky clean! 

  1. Mini Bongs for on the Go

Do you need a bong that’s easy to transport? Mini bongs are perfect for the on the go smoker. Instead of having percolators, these bongs have a simple design, making them easy to transport. 

  1. Leanback Bongs for Chill Couch Sessions

Do you love the idea of putting on an epic movie, grabbing your bong, and sinking into the couch? If yes, then you need to consider getting a lean back bong. 

Instead of using an up and down tube, lean backs sit at an angle. You can easily rest a lean back in your lap or on your couch, without worrying about knocking it over. 

  1. Bubble Bottom Bongs for Maximum Rumble

Are you buying a bong because you love the way the water sounds when it’s bubbling? Then you need to get a bubble bottom bong. Not only do they have an awesome sounding name, but they also make some of the most intense bubble noises. 

Bubble bottom bongs have a design that’s similar to the beaker bong, but they can hold a lot more water. The extra water means you’ll have the most rumbly, bubbly bong around! 

On top of sounding cool, bubble bottoms are also incredibly convenient. Their rounded bottom design makes them perfect for counter and tabletop smoke sessions. 

To take things up a notch, we suggest you try a bubble bottom that has an extra-large neck. The long neck design helps the marijuana smoke cool down even more before it touches your lips. 

  1. Multiple Diffusers for the Smoothest Hit

Buying a bong with multiple diffusers means you’ll be getting one of the smoothest hits possible. The diffusers, also called percolators, reduce the heat. They also filter out heavy smoke compounds. 

  1. Bubblers for Smokers That Use Pipes

Do you love smoking your marijuana out of a pipe? If you’re not sure you’re ready to graduate to a bong, we suggest you try a bubbler first. Bubblers are the perfect choice for when you want to add water to your pipes but you don’t want to get a massive bong. 

Bubblers come in different sizes, but they’re usually smaller than a traditional bong. You’ll be able to enjoy a smoother hit, without having to worry about taking in too much smoke. 

Bubblers are also the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the best bong brands, but you’re working with a budget. The market is full of custom made bubblers that talented artists creatively design. 

  1. Fixed Downstem for a Solid Bong

Are you afraid that after getting your bong you might drop and break a piece? Intricate bong styles, with necks that stick out, or ornamental pieces, are easy to break. If you have slippery fingers, get a fixed downstem water pipe with a classic design. 

  1. Gravity Bongs for Party Animals

Similar to doing a keg stand, a gravity bong is a fun experience, especially in a party setting. Gravity bongs use a combination of gravity and air pressure to fill the chamber with smoke. As you inhale, the gravity bong will push the smoke into your lungs. 

If you’re looking for the smoothest hit, a gravity bong isn’t the best choice. Since gravity bongs don’t have percolators, they aren’t efficient at filtering the smoke. However, if you’re looking for a new experience, gravity bongs are something you should try at least once. 

  1. Heady Bongs for Art Lovers

So far, we’ve been talking about bongs that traditionally have a scientific look. Scientific glass pieces have a lot of straight lines and are usually colorless glass. Heady bongs, on the other hand, are the complete opposite! 

When you buy a heady bong, only a few of that specific style was likely made by the artist. You can enjoy knowing that you own a one of a kind bong, that few others in the world have. 

Best Bongs for You 

Now you know about 10 of the best bongs you can buy. What water pipe style is right for you? Will you be buying a tiny bubbler, or do you see yourself getting a large piece with multiple diffusers? 

If you like multiple styles, start building your bong collection today, trying out 1 piece at a time. For more tips on how to find the best products to meet your needs, explore the rest of this site. 


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