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What We Know About Casinos And Casino Utan Spelpaus Licens

We take a look.

Gambling and some form of betting have been going on for thousands of years. Since way back in time when discoveries of ‘games of chance’ were found in China ruins to Egyptians giving us the oldest known dice, and clay pots of ancient Greece with drawings of animals fighting and bets being placed on winner outcomes. 

The first actual ‘specific for gambling’ building appeared in Italy, from there many more started to pop up around Europe. Take a look at this article on a brief rundown of the history of gambling, very interesting so have your cup of tea ready and a comfy couch. These days you can try out the best new online casino Australia, although more are starting to become available as their popularity grows.

People like to win, they will put a wager on anything these days. My kids, although they don’t compete at anything for money, they do challenge each other to win the others sweets or hand over chores. And I mean, even petty things like who can speed walk the quickest to the end of the road, the person with the longest fry or the latest, who can mess no toothpaste foam for the full 2mins of brushing. Yes, it builds competitiveness because who wants to be second place at anything, but couldn’t they compete to see who vacuums the whole house first? 

Games in Casinos. 

Most of us know the basic games they have at a casino, Blackjack, Slots, and Poker. Oh, and of course a crowd pleasure, the roulette table with a tiny ball that can make all your dreams come true.  

These days though there are many more additions as popularity grows. Desks with TV’s and live betting, keno and some baccarat. If it’s your first time or you aren’t sure of your whereabouts yet, stick to what you know, work your way up. 

You can get beginners courses or lessons to get you up to speed with the basic rules and lingo, some dealers, if the table is slow, will be happy to help you and answer any questions you might have. Don’t think you will receive the same assistance during peak hours though, as dealers will be focused on many hands and might come off rude, so spare your feelings. 

Should you tip at a casino? 

The simple answer is YES. Casino etiquette is a big part of the whole experience, and it can make or break your mood if not done right or not at all. Check out a quick guide to tipping dealers video to give a brief insight on how it’s done and when. 

Dealers and staff don’t get paid as much as you might think, they are usually on minimum wage and rely on tips and gratuity, even more so if you are winning. While most ‘suggest’ a 10% cut of your winnings it is entirely up to you, payment can be cash or chips and if done in a good manner can set the tone of the dealer and the rest of the game.  

Wait staff expect around a dollar per drink served and brought to you while valet parking attendants can earn up to $3 tips per person. They are rendering service for you so it’s only good manners to show your appreciation.  

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

3 Things to think about when applying for a casino job. 

  • Dress sense. First impressions are everything, no matter the skill set. If you look like you just walked in off the street from a party then even if you were a master at your trade, you wouldn’t get the job. Dress like you mean it and are taking this job seriously. 
  • Mental Ability. A basic understanding of numbers is a given, this is a casino isn’t it? It’s all about numbers. You will be dealing and handling bags of money, denominations and for hours on end, you should be able to do arithmetic as a minimum and have a stable head.  
  • Interview. Be confident in the interview. You will need to show you have effective communication skills, can handle yourself in any situation and be able to speak to all kinds of personalities. 

The basics of running a casino. 

Firstly, check if casinos are even allowed in the area you are thinking of, not all countries allow them to just pop up wherever. 

You will also need a license if it’s required, as mentioned before depending on the area you might not need it. Certain countries have different views on this, check out and read up about the legalities of it. Some places will also only permit a few particular games, a lot to take into consideration. 

Undoubtedly you are going to be looking at opening a bar, it practically goes hand in hand with casinos and people having a good time, besides most people will come to expect it as a standard. Be sure it’s allowed, strict regulations are in place when it comes to casinos with policies of staff being trained in dealing with intoxicated people and escalated situations. 

A no brainer is age restrictions, they vary from 18 – 21 and from state to country, see the laws in your area and be sure to have a security operation in place for ID checking at the door.  

Study and become familiar with the cash on hand requirements for the size of the establishment you are hoping to open, most businesses will have enough to cover paying out winnings and the value of playing chips on the floor. This means that you are looking to have a massive sum of money on the premises at all times. So be sure to beef up on the body-guards. 

After you have checked every rule book handbook in your region, get onto the business plan, model and marketing strategies. The fun part. And watch your dreams come true. 

Are Casinos safe? 

As with most other places it is as safe as you are vigilant. While the utmost is done to keep you in the clear, there are bad people out there looking to take advantage.  

Be aware of who is around you, what they’re doing and always keep your belongings on you. Be safe and have fun, this is a stag weekend experience after all. 

Photo by Javon Swaby from Pexels

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