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Common Myths about Personal Injury Claims

Not everything you read is true.

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In the US, nearly 232,000 fatalities result in injury-related cases, and there’s one vehicle collision recorded every six seconds. Meanwhile, in the workplace, there are 17,000 cases of slips and falls annually.  

With thousands upon thousands of potential personal injury lawsuits, how many do you think contacted a lawyer to protect their rights? 

The reasons vary why the victims are reluctant to refer their case to an attorney. But it doesn’t help that some of the misconceptions on personal injury lawsuits persist to this day.  

Here are some of the myths related to personal injury claims. 

Myth 1: You are the victim so you’re eligible to compensation 

In South Florida, it’s not about what happened but more about what you can prove. Unfortunately, in most personal injury claims, the burden of proof lies with the complainant. You need to show that all the elements are there for the court to rule in your favor.  

This is why it’s advised that you look for the services of a South Florida personal injury lawyer right away so you can secure the best possible legal advice. 

Myth 2: Settlement is better than hiring a lawyer 

This could be true in some cases, like a fender-bender, for instance, that resulted in some personal injury to you. If the injury is not serious, it’s probably best to settle since Florida is a no-fault state.  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 299 people in a year who died at their workplace in Florida. The workplace can be one of the accident-prone places for employees. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know their rights and just agree to settle with their employers for workplace injury compensation.  

You will regret this later when you find that the amount in the settlement won’t be enough to pay for a lifetime of medication for the injury you sustained. 

Myth 4: Hiring a lawyer is expensive 

Indeed, getting the services of a South Florida personal injury lawyer will entail some cost. But it’s not always about the money with most of these attorneys.  

If ever you pay a retainer, consider it an investment. If you win the case, the cost of hiring an attorney will practically pay for itself. Besides, consultation is free.  

You can state your case and let the lawyer decide whether to take it on and write off the retainer’s fee for a larger percentage of the compensation awarded to you if you win the case.  

Myth 5: You will miss time off work for the trial  

Only about 5 percent of all the personal injury claims will actually go to trial. That means most cases are settled even before they reach the court.  

Besides, your lawyer would be motivated to keep your case off the court because the numbers may be against you. While settlements almost always end up in favor of the aggrieved party, the reverse is true if the case goes to trial. It’s much more likely that you will lose if you are heard by a jury of your peers. 

In the end, you won’t lose anything if you contact VG Law today and talk to their personal injury lawyer. The best thing is that consultation is free so you are not under pressure to hire their services even if they’ve already rendered legal advice. 

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