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Shocking Video Showing Authoritarian Control in China Labeled As “Hilarious” on Twitter

Stay vigilant of governmental overstepping.

Authoritarian control

The authoritarian control that the government holds in China is shocking, and one of the reasons that COVID-19 has spread globally. And previous videos circulating social media shows how China “attempted” to keep coronavirus from spreading with plastic tubs and metal boxes – which appear to have no holes. 

See the plastic boxes/tubes here. And watch a video circulating earlier in the year here, which shows the metal box. Warning, the pictures and video are graphic. 

Now that the pandemic has spread around the world, the Chinese government is filmed using SWAT teams to test citizens at providence borders. 

While I understand and agree that everyone should be tested, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is actually what is going on in this video.

A man and the SWAT team member, along with a man who appears to be a doctor, are seen arguing before the man attempts to flee. He is caught with a fish net around his head and has his hands restrained behind his back before he has a black sack shoved over his head and is lead forcibly to an unknown location. 

Image via
Image via

A Sick Chirpse article grotesquely labeled this entire incident as hilarious and the writer of the article continues to label the man being filmed as an “idiot.” Ironically, the author of this article alludes to his own idiocracy with great lines such as; “The whole thing comes across as more comedic rather than serious, but I guess it’s pretty different over in China to how it is over here. Maybe these are the measures we need to take to get people to stay indoors and stop spreading the virus?”

There seems to be a lack of human empathy around the world throughout this pandemic, with people stockpiling necessities, fighting over toilet paper, and even jokingly suggesting that the U.S. should take a book from China’s authoritarian leadership in order to control a pandemic. The same pandemic that China’s authoritarian leadership started. 

The man filmed is not an idiot and most likely just terrified of whatever they will do to him after the camera shuts off. 

Feature Image via Twitter video

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