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Justice for Breonna Taylor: LeBron James, The LA Lakers, and a MAGA Hat

How an altered MAGA hat is keep the conversation focused.

Featured image via Instagram | LeBron James

It has been over five months since the tragic murder of Breonna Taylor. While she slept in her bed, in her own home, next to her boyfriend (Kenneth Walker), Ms. Taylor was shot by police executing a “no-knock” warrant. According to police, they believed the apartment Ms. Taylor shared with Mr. Walker was involved in a drug scheme — later searches proved no drugs on the premises.

Ms. Taylor was an EMT with dreams to continue in the healthcare field. She was shot at least eight times and 911 was not called for over twenty minutes. The police officers involved in this shooting have been placed on administrative leave and one has been fired from the force. NONE of them have been charged with manslaughter or murder. Think about that again: police shot a sleeping woman over eight times and have NOT been charged with a crime.

And yet there are many in certain circles in The States that think this is not a big deal.

Which is why LeBron James and The LA Lakers are taking a stand and using their very large platform to #sayhername.
Swipe through to see all of this redone MAGA hat — via IG

And his team stood with James and stood for Justice for Breonna.
via IG

Someone I admire greatly and follow on Facebook frequently says that she is black all the time. She wakes up and is black and goes to sleep black and walks around black every day. She cannot and would never put that aside to appease someone else’s notions. Like so many activists, all she wants is to be heard, to be seen, and for people to listen. So you better believe when she shares, I listen. (To support one of her causes, please click here.) The truth of racism in the States and in daily life is a fact — those facts have been hard to face, but necessary for everyone.
via IG

People with influence, like LeBron James, should absolutely use their platforms to inform others. They should absolutely make the masses think beyond what they see or heard on the news. A lot of people do a lot of talking and not a lot of listening or learning. Justice for Breonna should be a no-brainer. This should NOT be something we are still debating, discussing and demanding — it should be done. The cops who murdered her should be in jail. PERIOD.

Please take the time to go to Stand With Bre and sign the petition. Then make calls to people in power and get the bad cops in America off the streets. From all of us a Trill!, Black Lives Matter.

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